EBA 1-1/2
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    In the EBA-1-1/2 welder the upper electrode is clamped to an operating ram having hardened and ground guide surfaces. These surfaces are contacted by sealed adjustable antifriction roller bearings, assuring a smooth low friction vertical motion of the ram, necessary for precise welder operation. These welders are ideal for projection welding when fitted with tooling platens. The air operating mechanism is mounted on top of the welder frame and consist of an air cylinder with a screw adjustment for setting the stroke of the welder head. It is also equipped with an air filter, oil fog lubricator, solenoid operated 4-way air valve and exhaust muffler. A foot switch is provided to initiate the welder operation. A foot operating mechanism is available on request as a special extra cost option.

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    Taylor-Winfield Technologies

    As a full-service original equipment machinery manufacturer, Taylor-Winfield’s core competencies include, but are not limited to: • Automated Assembly Systems • ARC Welding Systems – Robotic and Automated Welding Stations • Coil Joining Welders • Heavy Material Handling Equipment • Induction Heating Power Supplies and Systems • Parts Processing and Identification Systems • Resistance Welding Machines – Spot, Seam and Flash Welders • Robotic Integration – Welding and Material Handling Systems • Cognex Vision Systems Certified Integrator with Fully Equipped Vision Laboratory Testing Capabilities. • Welding and Induction Heating Process Development and Verification. • Copper Consumables & Spare Parts We are dedicated to providing simple to complex parts joining and welding machines, automated assembly and parts processing systems that help our customers compete in their markets.

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