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    A compact dry working machine designed for small metal part deburring and finishing; the 12 series 225mm Belt, Disc, or Belt+Disc can handle a wide array of metal deburring requirements. When equipped with an abrasive belt followed by a rotary disc, the abrasive belt will remove vertical burrs and the disc removes sharp lateral burrs, while gently rounding the edges of the part being processed.

    Number of Heads: 1-2
    Head Types: Drum, Disc
    Machine Widths: 225 mm
    3,7 KW Main Drive Motor
    1525 mm Abrasive Belt Length
    Manual Abrasive Belt Tracking
    0-7,62 mm Bed Opening
    Feed speed 3-9 m/min, frequency controlled
    80 mm Diameter Contact Drum

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    Timesavers International B.V.

    Timesavers International is based in Goes, The Netherlands, with regional of- fices around the globe in Shanghai (China), Taichung (Taiwan), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Timesavers Inc. in Minneapolis (USA). Worldwide the company has more than 200 employees supported by a network of local dealers and partners. In the 76 years of their existence, they have built and sold over 55.000 machines, with customers in nearly all countries over the world.

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