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    The Timesavers 42 Rotary Brush (RB) 1350 series, winner of the Red Dot design award 2016, is Timesavers most popular solution for customers who require a deburred part of the highest quality and most beautiful finish. The 42 RB 1350 is the solution for manufacturers that choose for premium quality finish for there products.

    Number of Heads: 1-4
    Head Types: Rotary Brush, Drum
    Machine Widths: 1350 mm
    Abrasive Brush Size: 350 mm
    Number of Brushes: 8
    Quick Change Brush Mounting
    0-100 mm Bed Opening
    0,6-8 m/min Feed Speed, 2,6 KW
    Up to 11 KW Main Drive Motor
    180 mm Diameter Adjustable Contact Drum
    Vacuum Conveyor Bed is Standard

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    Timesavers International B.V.

    Timesavers International is based in Goes, The Netherlands, with regional of- fices around the globe in Shanghai (China), Taichung (Taiwan), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Timesavers Inc. in Minneapolis (USA). Worldwide the company has more than 200 employees supported by a network of local dealers and partners. In the 76 years of their existence, they have built and sold over 55.000 machines, with customers in nearly all countries over the world.

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