SUA 125
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    Universal centre lathe SUA 125 NUMERIC is numerically controlled machine intended for roughing and finishing works on shaft and flange components, further for thread cutting, boring, turning of cones and various shape rotation surfaces. The machine features horizontal bed of rigid structure; bed guiding areas are hardened and grinded, the counter-surfaces on bed slide are covered by slide substance Turcite B. Lathe SUA 125 NUMERIC is machine with automatic cycle control and it may be fitted with control system of companies Fagor, Heidenhain and Siemens.
    Lead of longitudinal feed - Z axis is realised by servo-drive directly to ball bolt. In machines with turning length over 5 000 mm the lead is realised via rack bar. Lead of traverse feed - X axis is is realised by servo-drive directly to ball bolt. Measurement of both feeds is realised by rotating sensors located on servo-drives. In machines with longer turning lengths the Z axis - longitudinal feed is measured directly by linear liner. The machine may be fitted both by manually controlled tool heads, and by multi-position CNC controlled heads from various companies. Further it may be fitted with large amount of special accessories and designed solution fulfilling requirements for present working technology.

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    Tos Celakovice, a.s.

    Tos Čelákovice a.s. in the town Čelákovice as manufacturer of machine tools has a long time tradition beginning by foundation in the year 1910 under the original trade Mark J. Volman.

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