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    905.5 "
    149.6 "
    59.06 "
    60.3 hp
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    This machining centre with FRF movable gantry can be found in more than 20 countries. Customers prefer this machine mainly because of its robust structure, high throughput in a small installation area and high performance. Its high productivity has been demonstrated with more than 120 customers.

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    TOS KURIM - OS, a.s.

    Since its foundation in 1942, TOS KUŘIM has been a pioneer in introducing new technologies into practice and the company’s trademark has become a worldwide symbol of reliable and precise machine tools with long service life. Since 2005, TOS KUŘIM has been a part of the ALTA Brno Group. Company’s production program is focused on large-size milling machines and machining centres that enable machining of heavy workpieces of complicated dimensions and sophisticated shapes from as many as five sides, making use of continuous control in five axes. These include machining centres with a moving column and portal machining centres. The production program also includes customized technological workplaces. The main technological asset of TOS KUŘIM machines is the system of exchangeable spindle heads.

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