TRENS SUI 80/6000

SUI 80/6000
العلامة التجارية
  • المواصفات
    تحويل المواصفات للمتري
    31.5 "
    236.2 "
    ثقب عامود الدوران
    3.622 "
    20.1 hp
    1400 rpm
    أرجحة فوق المجارى المتقاطعة
    20.47 "
  • نظرة عامة على المنتج

    SUI 80 is a lathe characterized by tough construction and highly rigid bed which allows its use for most challenging turning operations in piece and small-lot production. Thanks to its versatility it is suitable for maintenance and repair divisions as well.

  • عن الشركة

    trens jsc. has a long-term tradition of machine tools manufacturing in czechoslovak period bearing the original trade name tos. the recent production focuses on high quality turning machining centers, cnc lathes and conventional center lathes delivering to the european and world markets for more than 55 years.

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