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    5 T
    36 "
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    From automated multi-tasking manufacturing systems utilizing input and output part conveyors, and pick and place loading, to stand alone multi purpose broaching machines, let us design a system for you that meets the tough demands for today's manufacturing environment. For all your machining and manufacturing needs, we can provide you a quality solution at an affordable price. Miles can combine broaching operations with drilling / reaming operations, on a multi station machine.
    Separate hydraulic power system meets ram force (push/pull) requirements up to 12 ton.

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    Ty Miles

    Ty Miles Inc. Broaching Systems is a well established company based near Chicago, with over 45 years of experience in the field of metal working. We are pioneers in high speed broaching, and broaching systems, with more than over a thousand systems working in the field. Our competent, experienced staff is ready to handle any of your broaching needs.

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