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    The U.S. Baird® Corporation( U.S.B.) has finalized an agreement to sell certain assets, intellectual property and the rights to manufacture some of its product lines. The new corporate name will be The Baird Machinery Corporation and will be known by our trade name U.S. Baird®. We have retained certain key employees needed to offer the same excellent quality new machinery, spare parts and service that has been the practice for over 150 years. The following product lines along with the associated spare parts will continue to be fully supported: U.S. Baird Multiple Transfer® presses, U.S. Baird Multi-Slides ® and Four Slides, Nilson ® slides, U.S. Baird Chuckers, U.S. Baird SprinGenerator®, U.S. Baird/Henderson tumbler, U.S. Baird Slide Feed, U.S. Baird Pay-off.