P 130
العلامة التجارية
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    حجم عامود الدوران
    5.118 "
    X-Horiz TVL من العقيد
    157.5 "
    Y فير TVL من رئيس
    78.74 "
    89.8 hp
    5000 rpm
    حركة عامود الدوران Z
    31.5 "
  • عن الشركة
    UNION Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH Chemnitz

    UnionChemnitz is the oldest existing machine tool manufacturer in Europe with more than 160 years of experience. 180 highly-skilled employees shape the technology of the future with their know-how and pioneering spirit. UnionChemnitz machines have a reputation of excellence around the world, based on innovation, flexibility, quality and performance. Thanks to these values, UnionChemnitz maintains its position as a market leader in the manufacture of horizontal boring and milling machines. Boring mills made by UnionChemnitz are suitable for machining workpieces up to 40 m (131 feet) long, up to 10 m (33 feet) high and up to 250 tons. UnionChemnitz is the only German supplier to offer boring mills covering the complete range of 110 to 260 mm spindle diameter – with linear or fully hydrostatic guideways – as well as a wide range of travelling column mills. Thanks to a comprehensive range of equipment, the machines cover many applications.

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