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    11 "
    18 "
    5 hp
    130 rpm
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    High precision toolroom lathe equipped with a smooth 3 HP frequency controlled motor that runs virtually vibration free and extremely quite. With fewer mechanical parts and exceptional built quality, Victor 618EVS toolroom lathe is easy to maintain, yet provides superior accuracy and performance.


    Easy to read digital display on actual spindle rpm
    Infinitely electronic variable spindle speeds from 0 ~ 4,000 rpm
    Spindle runout within 50 millionths
    Dual range inch/metric quick change gearbox
    Electric variable feed control on carriage and cross slide
    Hardened and ground spindle mounted on high precision preloaded angular contact ball bearings
    Hardened and ground alloy tool steel bedways
    Turcite-B slideway bearing surface between carriage and bed
    Automatic thread length control with fine adjustable stops to provide accurate threading
    Quick-action tool post slide for threading
    5C lever type collet closer standard
    3 HP frequency controlled motor
    Yaskawa Inverter Drive

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    Founded in 1954, Victor Taichung Machinery Works, Co., Ltd. started with making conventional lathes in Taiwan and now steadily supplies CNC lathes and machining centers by devoting her management to non-stop R&D and innovations.

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