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    With its eromobil® erosion machine to provide fast assistance in dealing with snapped-off drill bits, Waldmann & Weigl, founded back in 1972, has come up with a unique, straightforward way of dealing with the problem of tool breakage. Within only a short time, the eromobil® has gained international recognition and become an indispensable problem-solver for a large number of producing companies. In 2006, Waldmann & Weigl GmbH was taken over by the company HandlingTech, and consequently is now a part of the Hutzel Group. The eromobil® has remained an unbeatable solution to the present day – in terms of its cost-to-performance ratio and its efficiency. Disruptions to production processes as a result of tool breakage are minimized with the aid of the eromobil®, and damage to workpieces effectively prevented.