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    قطر المنضدة
    72 "
    84.02 "
    ارتفاع الشغل U/R
    45 "
    117 rpm
  • عن الشركة

    Wickman was founded by Mr. Axel C. Wickman in 1926. He initially sold German-, Swiss- and British-made machine tools, and had many ideas which he knew would improve the machines he was selling. Within 10 years, he had designed and produced the Wickman multispindle automatic lathe (originally a 5-spindle machine). Without the Mr. Wickman vision, there would be no Wickman multispindle; for that we thank him for his vision and dedication in producing one of the finest multispindle automatic lathe that is, to this day, still being used within the four corners of the globe.

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مملة ميلز، عمودي (incld VTL)
2 صور
New South Wales, استراليا
$70,000.00 USD
مستعملة - جيد
New South Wales
$70,000.00 USD

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