• المواصفات
    تحويل المواصفات للمتري
    16 "
    32 "
    رأس عادية أو بزاوية
    Angle Head
    قطر عجلة التجليخ
    2 "
    قدرة العجلة
    10 hp
    دوران العجلة RPM
    3600 rpm
    غطس (نعم/لا
    قياس (نعم/لا
    دريسر (نعم/لا
    17500 lbs
  • نظرة عامة على المنتج

    The 1632 Gold and 1612 Gold are the ultimate in CNC cylindrical grinders with OD/ID and non-round capabilities. These machines can automatically grind diameters, tapers, chamfers, radii, shoulders, and contours in one set-up and one continuous operation. The Gold grinders feature an innovative shear damping base design which provides superior damping, greater thermal stability, and improved static and dynamic stiffness.

    The two models are customized to fit specific applications and are differentiated by a 12" or 32" between centers length and corresponding footprint. Both feature a FANUC CNC control. Available options include a programmable "C" axis work-head for non-round grinding, a power-operated swingdown ID system, and various wheel dressers.

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    Weldon Solutions

    Weldon Solutions manufactures and services the Weldon line of CNC grinders, designs and integrates robotic automation solutions to satisfy a variety of applications, and installs and services Emtrol storage and retrieval systems. We also offer drives and controls technology featuring Toshiba variable frequency drives. We provide our customers with cutting edge technologies that increase performance, enhance efficiency and generate cost-effective processes in manufacturing and industrial environments

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