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    Wellsaw manufactures a full line of high quality metal cutting bandsaws with features and construction that ensure accurate cutting, ease of operation and long service life. Our machines are built to the highest standards from domestic components to ensure peak performance for many years. We are famous for building machines that cut straight and last for ages. All of our saws are made at our factory in Southwestern Michigan. This means you get immediate support, both with service parts and technical assistance. We carry a full inventory of parts for models built since 1933 and most orders will ship the same day they are received. When you call our factory you will not enter a voice mail system but speak directly with one of our Customer Support people. They know bandsawing and know how to help. When you buy a Wellsaw you’ll enjoy years of trouble free, accurate cutting.

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مناشير، باند، أفقي
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السنة: 1984
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