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    أقل سعة الثقب
    0.0625 "
    أقصى سعة الثقب
    1.5 "
    38" x 50"
    1000 (LBS)
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    Quick setup and changeover; extreme versatility; for lower drill quantities Cam-generated motion and rotation of the drill assures concentric drill points Manual profile, tracer-type dresser duplicates dresser cam form onto wheel Maximum hourly production rate 100 drills of 5/16" (8 mm) diameter Point angles: 60 to 160 degrees *Requires two operations to achieve geometry Grinding wheel: Horizontally mounted; 12" (305 mm) diameter Spindle power: 1 HP (.75 kW), 1800 RPM Floor space: 38" x 50" (.96 x 1.27 m) Weight: 1,000 lbs. (450 kg)

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    Winslow Engineering Inc.

    Winslow Engineering designs and builds quality Drill Point Grinders, Drill Point Splitters, Cutting Tool Inspection Analyzers, and Special Engineered Design and Build Products. Winslow Engineering's quality products have been in use by aerospace, agricultural, automotive, and cutting tool manufacturers, to name a few, for many years. Our goal is to provide the best products possible, for new and existing customers.

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