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    Anhui XuanHong CNC Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly Hangzhou XuanEn-Technology Co., Ltd.), was founded in 2008, moved from Hangzhou to Anhui Ningguo at 2016. It’s well-known metal sheet processing equipment manufacturing enterprises in domestic. And has been rated as "national high-tech enterprises", "2016 the growth of science and technology hundred enterprises in Zhejiang Province, ", "Nanjing Bank strategic partner". Having more than 20 "utility model patented technology" and a number of "software copyright" The company independent research and development equipment covered metal sheet cutting, the whole coil coating, cans high-speed making system , pinhole detector and other fields, meanwhile provide tinplate processing and export services for foreign customers. Also have a long-term relationship with Shanghai Baosteel, the national nuclear power technology, COFCO, China Metal Packaging Group, Southeast Aluminum Group and so on. Products with high cost-effective reputation in Southeast Asia, West Asia, Africa, South America, more than 20 countries and regions

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