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    The FZ33 compact combines a wide range of applications with excellent price/performance ratio and proven Zimmermann technology. Take advantage of these features for economical machining for a wide variety of parts for Aerospace, Automotive, Tool and Die, as well as many specialty applications.

    The rigid monolithic structure eliminates special foundations and provides a cost-effective and variable installation in small spaces. Focusing on the power spectrum to machine small and medium size parts, Zimmermann sets new standards and guarantees the user an enormous amount of flexibility and value -- in other words, a low business risk due to an attractive cost price, stable machine value and thanks to its flexibility ensured added value.

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    F. Zimmermann GmbH

    Zimmermann considers itself bound by its motto "Quality made in Germany". Seat of the company since 1956 is the small town of Denkendorf near Esslingen, approximately 20 km from Stuttgart, the capital of Baden-Wuerttemberg.As a prominent German technology region, Baden-Wuerttemberg offers decisive location advantages for the company. This location is logistically favorable on account of its optimum connections to the main road transportation routes and its immediate proximity to Stuttgart International Airport. Manufacturing sites with several modern assembly and production halls are ideally equipped for the manufacture of large CNC milling machines.

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