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    Basant Industries

    BASANT INDUSTRIES is 50 years old establishment founded by S. Basant Singh. The Company is in the field of manufacturing of complete range of machines for Sheet Metal & Forging industries. The Company is exclusively engaged in the manufacturing of Power Presses , from 10 tons to 1000 tons capacity. We are also importing used presses & Sheet Metal Machines High capacity presses range 100 tons to 3000 tons, Press Brakes, Milling Machines, Lathe Machines, Hydraulic Surface Grinders in Vertical & Horizontal. We are importing the very large presses & Catering to INDIAN Industries. Many projects in INDIA has been already executed. 1. Power Press C Type & H type New BASANT-BI own manufactured press. from 10 ton to 500 tons capacity 2. POWER PRESSES IMPORTED & USED from 50 Tons to 2000 Tons Capacity with large table sizes (BOLSTER) 3. HYDRAULIC PRESS IMPORTED & USED from 100 Tons to 2000 Tons Capacity 4. VTL Vertical Turning Lathe ( Any Sizes ) 5. VMC Vertical Machining Center 6. HMC Horizontal Machining Center 7. Straighteners 8. Press Brakes 9. Shearing Machines 10.Radial Drill 11.CNC Lathe Please feel free to contact for any kind of used & imported machinery that will be supplied after fully refurnishing & refurbishing. Regards GURDEEP BASANT BASANT INDUSTRIES, LUDHIANA.

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