DOALL 2618

  • Spec
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    Ausladung, Leistung
    26 "
    18 "
    2 hp
    Schneidmesser, Breite
    1.5 "
    Schneidmesser, Länge
    206 "
    6600 (LBS)
  • Produktübersicht

    The DoALL 2618 Band Mill is designed for ripping large blocks of material into 4 to 10 foot lengths. The 2618 Band Mill provides greater blade rigidity than that of a plate saw. Material is supported on both sides of the blade by the movable support table.

  • Über das Unternehmen
    DoAll Sawing Products

    DoALL is the only American manufacturer of all sawing elements – saw blades, sawing machines, cutting fluids and material handling systems, with value-added services and technical support second to none. DoALL offers the most complete line of band saw blades in the industry including bi-metal, carbide, diamond, carbon and knife-edge blades. DoALL offers a wide variety of sawing machines for high production, general-purpose, miter cutting, vertical contour, and custom engineered sawing solutions. DoALL blends a wide selection of cutting fluids including soluble oils, semi-synthetic, full-synthetic, and direct application (mist) fluids to meet all your sawing needs. DoALL can also custom design material handling solutions to be integrated into your current, or new, sawing systems.

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