RUSH 252

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    Bohrleistung (min)
    0.0938 "
    Bohrleistung (max)
    2 "
  • Produktübersicht

    The Models 250A, and 252 have a capacity of 3/32" to 2" diameter.

    The Model 252 is the most versatile drill and tool grinder available today. The 252 can grind odd-numbered fluted tools (1, 3, 5 & 7) as well as even numbered fluted tools (2, 4, 6, 8, & 10). This is achieved with the use of a unique dual-cam workhead. The inner cam rotates at 2:1 gear ratio to grind even numbered fluted tools. The outer cam rotates at a 1:1 ratio for odd-numbered fluted tools.

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  • Über das Unternehmen
    Rush Machinery, Inc.

    Manufacturer of tool grinding machinery. products include: drill and tool grinders, PCD/PCBN grinding machines, diamond/CBN wheel truing and dressing machines, carbide grinding fluid filtration systems, carbide rod cut-off machines.

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