SPANCO CMT-10-103-425

  • Spec
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    250 lb
    Spannweite, Länge
    10 '
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    Ceiling Mounted Kits Include: 1) Plain, reinforced, or trussed crane bridge with end trucks. 2) Hoist trolley 3) Bridge end stops 4) Festooned flat wire electrification system 5) End trucks 6) Hangers (12” long – additional lengths available) with adjustable beam clamps 7) Runway end stops 8) Festoon cables with trolleys 9) Standard festoon track extension 10) Plain or trussed runways. System Requirements: All ceiling supported systems must be properly braced to an existing structure using proper sway bracing (sway bracing supplied by others). To achieve desired rigidity for specific application, SPANCO recommends consulting a professional architect or engineer in your local area to satisfy all codes and ordinances. Ceiling supported system kits do not include hoist or required sway bracing. Please call for special pricing or for assistance selecting to appropriate system for your application.

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