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    Introducing our New R-Series Machine - Modular Design

    Equipped with industry leading injection speeds and a multi stage servo valve injection system as a standard option, the R-M series provides the flexibility of acceleration and deceleration throughout the injection process.

    Updated TOSCAST-888 monitoring system with ethernet capabilities and real time feedback control.

    Also availible with hydraulic multiple position injection system allowing the injection cylinder to be set from a center shot position down to -250mm (Depending on machine size) and/or main servo motor for ultimate energy saving.

    Higher Productivity with Injection Performance, Fast Cycle, Maintainability & Energy Saving

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    Toshiba Machine Co., Ltd.

    An internationally respected manufacturer headquartered in Numazu, Japan. Its seven business segments provide advanced machinery, hydraulic equipment and control systems to industries such as the automotive, aerospace, die and mold and construction industries.

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