UNGERER RM 600 / 2 / 23

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Modell:RM 600 / 2 / 23
Typ:Blatt & Streifen Glätteisen
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Max Breite des Werkstückes:23.59 "
Max Dicke des Werkstückes:0.079 "
Größe:2,60 x 1,00 x 1,80
Gewicht:± 2.500
Ungerer Technology Gmbh

Über Ungerer Technology Gmbh

The company was founded in 1895 in Pforzheim by the entrepreneur Karl Friedrich Ungerer. The ability of the innovative visionary to look ahead into the industrial future and his technical pioneering spirit were groundbreaking for the metal working industry. With the invention of the first Roller Leveller in 1895, Karl Friedrich Ungerer laid the cornerstone for the development of the today’s most technically advanced High Efficiency Roller Levellers. Guided by a high standard of perfection and a constant search for practical solutions - which were far ahead of the time - Karl Friedrich Ungerer developed thousands of product and process patents on which countless products are based worldwide today. Even today, after more than 120 years of the company foundation, the philosphy of Karl Friedrich Ungerer is still alive in the company’s business because behind each individual customer solution and each innovative product development there is a clever mind striving for the ultimate perfection.

UNGERER RM 600 / 2 / 23

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