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    WaldrichSiegen horizontal turning lathes, ProfiTurn H, provide the highest accuracies, reliability and performance, allowing for high quality and economic machining of complex workpieces. Great importance is attached to a rugged design and maximum stiffness of the overall machine structure. In principle the ProfiTurn H series is equipped with hydrostatic guideways in all linear axes providing for high, wear-free operation along with excellent damping characteristics.

    Our ProfiTurn H horizontal lathes have been developed to offer maximum performance for each application.

    In more precise terms, this means:

    power of up to 500 kW

    torques of up to 500,000 Nm

    workpiece weights of up to 500 tons

    workpiece lengths of up to 30,000 mm

    workpiece diameters of up to 7,000 mm

    concentricity of ≥ 5 µm

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    Waldrich Siegen Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH

    The manufacturer of heavy machine tools in four product lines: Grinding, texturing, milling and turning. All 4 fields of technology, in their closely defined markets, require maximum accuracy, performance, maintainability and reliability. WaldrichSiegen continues to combine maximum sizes and weights to achieve ultimate performance and best tolerances. Merged into a successful family-owned company with world-wide activities and financial independence, WaldrichSiegen provides the reliability and trustworthiness required for a long-term partnership with our customers. This commitment is a prerequisite for investments in production machines of this magnitude.

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