ZDMT WC67K-160/3200

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Tonnage:160 T
OA Länge insgesamt:125 "
BH (zwischen Gehäusen):106 "
Hub:7.86 "
Anhui Zhongde Machine Tool Co., Ltd.

Über Anhui Zhongde Machine Tool Co., Ltd.

anhui zhongde machine tool co., ltd. was founded under the approval of anhui people’s government (approval document number: wzg [2002] no. 44) on december 26, 2002, with a registered capital of 22 million yuan rmb. the company (formerly maanshan zhongde machine tool plant) is a management-modernized enterprise specializing in manufacturing various types of common and digital-controlled benders, plate shearers, pressors, 3-roll and 4-roll plate coilers, combined punching and shearing machine, notching machine and fittings such as blades and moulds.

ZDMT WC67K-160/3200

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