SMILE 400/RA 100
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    Messbereich Z
    15.7 "
    Messbereich X
    6.2 "
    12.6 "
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    Easy to operate, manufactured exclusively from high quality branded components and equipped with all standard measuring functions for the professional presetting and measuring of metal cutting tools make »smile« the champion in the entry level category. The functional design leaves nothing to be desired in terms of ergonomics and operational ease. The robust and workshop-compatible design allow direct placement at the machine. Depending on individual requirements it can be fitted with the operating technologies »pilot 2.0«, »pilot 2 mT« or »pilot 3.0«. Benefit from innovative technology and greater productivity!

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  • Über das Unternehmen
    ZOLLER Inc.

    Since 1945, ZOLLER has had one focus - providing cutting-edge solutions for tool presetters, measuring and inspection machines and tool management software, smart cabinets and fully integrated automation solutions. Our North American Headquarters serves as the customer support, service, aftersales and software development hub for the USA, Canada and Mexico. We have gone to great measures to provide the best technology, highest quality, and exceptional customer service and support for our customers, who trust us to provide the best solution for their production and profitability goals. Our focus and commitment has made ZOLLER the world leader in tool presetting, as well as tool measuring and inspection machines. ZOLLER measures tools to two-thousandths of a millimeter -- quickly, simply, accurately and guaranteed! Accuracy means less waste, less CNC machine down time and more profit.

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