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Typ:Reciprocating Flachschleifmaschinen


Tabelle-W:19.6 "
Tabelle-L:58.9 "

Über Zshm AS

Joint-stock company "Plant grinders" AD ("Grinders Producing Plant" JSC) was established in 1968 in the town of the town. At the beginning of its existence, the company specializes in the production of machines for sharpening cutting tools, gradually implement the first models grinders. In 1974 he established the first export sander abroad. During the expansion of the company absorbed a number of established over the years machine models: Surface universal the hydromechanical control; Surface with Numerical Control (CNC); Universal Cylindrical Grinding with hydromechanical control; CNC Cylindrical Grinding; Special grinding machines, machining centers, automation, etc. CNC and work in automatic lines, together with robots; Woodworking machinery