ID #
On-Location (w/ Webcast)
Starts At
4/27/19 10:00 AM EDT
Ends At
4/27/19 5:00 PM EDT
LINKWOOD, Maryland
United States
Tri-State Auction & Realty, L.L.C.

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ID #
On-Location (w/ Webcast)
Starts At
4/27/19 10:00 AM EDT
Ends At
4/27/19 5:00 PM EDT
LINKWOOD, Maryland
United States

Summary of Items



– 40’ X 327’ Pre Fab Long Sorter Building w/40’ x 70’ Stacker Addition

– Pre Fab Trimmer Building 80’ Wide x 162’

– Two Story Sawmill Building Pre-Fab & Welded Steel Frames W/ 72’ Wide x 98’ Long 44’ x 40’ Addition for the Schurman Gang Edger Model 1DAG36, SN# 2207, w/Infeed w/Addition to Trimmer Building W/ Resaw Addition, 46’ x 72’ W/ Debarker Addition to Mill , 20’ x 33’, (2) Steam Turbine Generators- One is General Electric- 650KW w/Condenser & Cooling Tower; Second one is 100 KW Induction Generator; Both with Switch Gear

– 12’ x 24’ Wood Frame Building w/ Metal Siding w/Air Conditioner

– Sorter & Trimmer Building, 36’ x 320’ Steel w/Metal Sides Sorter Building has 2 Story Control Room Building 18’ x 19’ x 77’ Long 40’ x 77’ Addition

– 30’ x 104’ Planer Mill Building, w/Partial Steel w/Wood Trusses w/Metal Siding w/Metal Roof

Poor Condition w/ 31’ x 60’ Open End Open Sided Shed w/Wood Trusses w/Metal Beam down Side

– 20’x 20’Timber Sizer Building, Wood Frame, Metal Building

-Crossover Steps w/Catwalk w/Steel Grading w/Conduit, Wiring Mains


-MDI Log Metal Detector w/Belt Conveyor

-42’ 5 Strand Heavy Duty Tree Length Log Deck w/Drive w/111 Heavy Duty Log Chain

-72” Chisel Tooth Slasher Saw w/60 HP Motor w/Dual 110 Ladder Back, 26’ Long Conveyor w/Log Stops from 8’ to 26’ w/6’ x 7’ Control Cab

– Morbark 52’ Infeed Log Trough w/110 Ladder Back Chain w/Drive w/Dual Kickers

-Barko 40 Stationary Knuckleboom


-Beloit 38” Ring Debarker w/Motor Hydraulic Power Pack w/Control Cab w/Controls w/55’ Barn Sweep Conveyor w/Drive

– Morbark 50’ Outfeed Log Conveyor w/Drive w/4 Arm Log Kickers w/110 Ladder Back Chain w/Drive

– Webster 18” x 45’ Vibrating Conveyor w/Drive w/Controls

– Montgomery Hammer Hog w/Drop Feed, Bottom Discharge w/150 HP Motor

-36” x 82’ Concave Belt Conveyor w/Drive & Controls Off Log Merchandising System to Hog

– 36” x 62’ Heavy Duty Concave Belt Conveyor w/Drive

– Waste Conveyor, 38 w/110 Ladder Back Chain w/Drive

– 18” x 40’Webster Vibrating Conveyor w/ Infeed w/Drive

-18” x70’ Webster Vibrating Conveyor w// Drive

-18”x70’ Heavy Duty Vibrating Conveyor w/ Drive

-18” x 30’ Vibrating Conveyor w/ Drive

-16”x24’ Auger Type Conveyor w/ Drive

-18” x 35’ Vibrating Conveyor w/ Drive

-18” x65’ Vibrating Conveyor w/ MDI Metal Detector

-18” x 25’ Webster Vibrating Conveyor w/ MDI Metal Detector w/ Drive

-18” x 55’ Webster Vibrating Conveyor w/ 2 Fines Sections w/ Drives

-10 HP 2 Stage Tank Mounted Air Compressor w/ Starters & Disconnects

-Fulghum 66” 6 Knife Chipper w/ Horizontal Feed, Top Discharge w/ Starters & Disconnects w/ 300 HP Motor w/ Blow Pipe w/ 10’ Cyclone

-Phelps Single Trailer Oscillating System w/ 20HP Motors

-6”x 20’ Auger Type Conveyor

-9”x20’ Auger Type Conveyor

-6”x10’ Auger Type Waste Conveyor

-8’x12’ Black Claussen Screen Model 812 SN#4101.76

-21’ Y-Section Type Vibrating Conveyor w/ 43” Down to 23” Transition Spout w/ Drive & Controls

-18” x 40’ Webster Vibrating Conveyor w/ Drive

-48” Fulghum 3 Knife Chipper w/ Horizontal Feed, w/ top Discharge sn#F1-Fil-1948 w/ Motor & Controls w/ 6’ Cyclone

-18” x 45’ Webster Vibrating Conveyor w/ MDI Metal Detector w/ Drive w/ Transition Spout

-18”x80’ Vibrating Conveyor w/ Drive & Controls

-32” x 132” Concave Belt Conveyor w/ Drive & Controls

-1998 Kaeser Air Compressor Model DS-170: SN# 1721126 w/125 HP w/16,995 Hours

-Kaeser Model KLD750 Air Dryer System SN# 3339-2-98031KSE w/Air Storage Tank

-Barn Sweep Conveyor w/Drive & Controls

-4 Strand 30’ Incline Log Deckw/Log Lugs w/Drive

-26’ 4 Strand Heavy Duty Log Deck w/3 Arm Stop & Loader w/Nose Skids

-Walker Bar Type Log Turner w/Extra Parts-Air Operated

-Salem 826 Carriage Drive w/200 Hp Motor & Controls w/6’ x 5’ x 7’ HMC Control Cab w/150HP Motor on Drives w/All Steel Husk Frame w/Cook Mandrel w/Off Bearing Belt w/56” Circular Saw

-1998 Cleereman 4 Head Block LP Carriage SN# LP-420-622 (Upgraded in 2000) w/30HP Hydraulic Power Pack w/Silvatech Controls & Scanner w/80” of Track w/End of Track Bumpers

-24” x 30’ Rollcase w/Off Bearing Belt w/Drive w/Air Shifting Section 25’ Hydraulic Operated

-5HP Upright Tank Mounted Air Compressor

-Craftsmen Table Saw

-Radial Arm Saw

-Metal Cabinets

-Parts Washer

-Motors, Extra Parts, Tires &Wheels

-Extra Rotobec Grapple-Extra Tires, Cylinders, Motor Parts

-2002 Transcutt II Electric Package Saw SN# 02014

-Pattons Corp PQ230/AQ Air Compressor Screw Type, SN# 3528N

-1999 Pendu 15HP Hydraulic System, Model 1015 SN# 9921

-(2) 58” F Style Circular Saws

-(5) 56” F Style Circular Saws

-Miller Idealarc AC/DC 250 Welder w/leads

-Cook 3 Saw Edger, w/Laser Light System w/Manual Set w/Infeed Rolls-Converted to Air Set, (1) Saw Can be Manual Moved w/Motor & Controls w/Laser Lights w/Crosby hardwood Type Outfeed

-Ligna 10” Top Arbor Thin Kerf Gang w/Control Cab, 4 ½ x 6’ x 7’ w/Hands Off Infeed w/Outfeed w/Motor & Controls

-13’ 4 Strand Transfer w/Drive

-36” x 44’ Long Heavy Duty Rollcase w/12” Rolls w/Stop Gate w/8 strand Pop Up Transfer w/Drive

-40’ 5 Strand Collector Deck w/78 Rooftop Chain w/Drive

-McDonough 6’ Horizontal Resaw, SN# H72218-BC w/(10) Extra Band Saws w/Air Strain w/Motor & Controls w/Hands Off Infeed w/Outfeed Separator Rollcase w/Transfer w/Turn Around System w/Lumber Belts w/Motor & Controls w/Hydraulic Power Pack-Modified for Tall Timbers, Thickness has been extended

-10’ Package Deck, 17’ Wide w/8 Strand Unscrambler, w/Drive

-8’ x 6’ Control Cab- Being Controlled by Square D MCC

-24” x 7’ Belt Conveyor w/Drive

-16” x 52’ Belt Conveyor w/Drive

-20” x 18’ Belt Conveyor w/Drive

-18” x 82” Belt Conveyor w/Drive

-19” 4 Strand Transfer, 18’ Wide w/78 Rooftop Chain

-Lincoln Idealarc 250 Welder

-Sullair Screw Type 25HP Type LS Air Compressor w/Air Storage Tank

-Ingersoll Rand Air Drying System

-ASM 8 Strand Unscrambler w/Singular System w/Even End Rolls

-17’ 6 Strand Transfer Deck w/Turtle Back Chain w/Drive

-Schurman Optimizing 4 Saw Edger w/ASM High Speed Infeed Scanner w/ASM Infeed & Transfer w/Motor & Controls w/Hydraulic Power Pack w/Innovec Scanner w/8.2 x 20’ Long Control Cab, 7.9 High w/17’ x 21’ 6 Strand Heavy Duty Log Deck w/Drive & Controls w/78 Rooftop Chain, w/25’ Outfeed w/Hydraulic Picker System on End w/Lumber Belt Outfeed w/3 Stage Hydraulic System

-36” x 30’ Heavy Duty Rollcase Outfeed w/10” Rolls w/Stop Gate & Transfer System

-Air Operated Pop Up Rollcase w/24” x 13’ w/6” Rolls

-6 Strand Transfer, 70’ Two Transfers on Common Shaft, w/Built in 5 Strand Temple System w/81x Chain w/Drive & Controls w/Air Operated Lumber Stops

-21’ Wide x 19’ Long 6 Strand Transfer w/Popup Disc Rollcase built in w/48” Wide x 37’ Long Outfeed Rollcase w/Drive

-LSI Trimmer System, 24’ Drop Saw Trimmer, Left Hand, w/Board Dealing System, w/Transfer w/Built In Even End Rolls-Will do 8” Thick, w/Auto System Positioner w/7.3 High x 6’ Control Cab w/Temple system on Outfeed w/28’ Wide x 37’ Long 12 Strand Transfer, w/Built In Even End Rolls, w/81x Chain w/66’ Block Conveyor w/Dual Ladder Back Chain Under Trimmer, –

-Trienco Model 1000 Measuring System, 5 Strand 38’ Long 5 Arm Transfer Temple System

-76 Bay J Bar Type Sorter System w/Reliance Drive w/Hydraulic System w/Motor & Controls

-327’ 4 Strand Carry Out Deck Under sorter w/8’ Drives w/81x Chain

-18 ½” Wide x 19’ Long 5 Strand Transfer w/78 Chain

-8 Strand Unscrambler, 2 Strand Missing w/Transfer System w/4 Strand Temple

-Lumber System 4’ Package Maker SN# 2128-2181, w/Hoist w/Rollout

-60’ Lumber Rolls

-5HP Upright Tank Mounted Air Compressor

-(2) 800 KW KVA Gen Sets, Model Eng 149T w/Controls w/v-12 Detroit Engine w/Approx 2000 Gallon Fuel Tank, SN# on 2nd Generator is SN# AB91311EC, Hours are 2,690 & 2,691

-Rens P-3000 Hand Held Metal Detector

-Hosty 110 Electric Pressure Washer

-Crosby 48” 3 Saw Edger SN# 1002111, w/Infeed w/Motor-No Outfeed; Not Installed

-10HP Tank Mounted Air Compressor

-400 Amp Electrical Service

-Hammermill Starter

-Yates A62 Motorized Planer SN# B24411

-1989 Woodmizer LT40 Portable Mill, SN# 456AA2412KIDB4070, w/Honda 24HP Engine

-500 KVA Transformer, SN# 69L6173, 124/7200, 480/277 Volts

-Jesco Portable Self Dumping Hopper

-Self Dumping Hopper

-6’ x 20’ Dip Tank, w/Hydraulic Hoist

-Approx 300 Gallon Fuel Tank w/Pump


-Tilting Break Down Hoist w/21’ 2 Strand Package Deck w/Stick Removal System w/10 ½’ 3 Strand 7’ Wide Transfer w/Roller Chain w/Drive

-McDonough Center Split Resaw SN# 54-1382 w/12’ Infeed Rollcase w/Positioner w/ Air Strain w/16” x 14’ Outfeed Rollcase w/Belt w/Motor & Controls

-16” x 27’ Belt Conveyor w/Drive

-McDonough Center Split Resaw SN# 54-723 w/Motors & Controls (not in use)

-Yate American A62 Motorized Planer SN# B-24087 w/Adjustable Outfeed Belt

-Stetson Ross 503 Pineapple Roll Feed Table

-26’ 4 Strand Transfer Infeed w/130 Rooftop Chain & Drive

24” x 7’ Timber Rollcase Infeed w/Drive

-18”x 18’ Infeed Timber Rollcase, Spiral w/Drive

-Dust System For Planer w/48” Suction Blower w/approx. 100HP Motor w/Pipe

-Back UP Breakdown Hoist, 4’ Tilting w/2Strand 18’ Package Deck

-Michigan Side Head Grinder

-Stick Removal System w/(1) 12’ 3 Strand Transfer w/Drive

-8’ 4 Strand Transfer w/Center Trimmer System (not in use)

-Heavy Duty 4 Strand Transfer 11’ x 25’ w/130 Rooftop Chain w/Drive & Controls

-Heavy Duty 33’ 4 Strand Transfer 11’ Wide w/130 Rooftop chain

-Heavy Duty 21 1/2’ 3 Strand Package Deck; 8’ Wide w/78 Chain w/Drive & Controls

-Cat 300 KW 375 KVA Gen Set w/3406 Engine; SN# 6BA02446

-Weaver Switch Gear; 3 Phase 300 KW, 480 Volt w/250 Gallon Fuel Tank

-Dewalt Radial Arm Saw w/20” Saw

-28 x 15’ Gravity Roll

-90 Degree 4 Strand Transfer System w/4 Arm air Operated Temple System w/Drive & Controls

-Lucidyne Reader System For Trimmer w/Board Feeder System into Transfer w/Singulator w/Even End Rolls

-Hemco Drop Saw Trimmer; Right Hand w/Allen Bradley PLC controls w/24’ Capacity, 6” Thickness, Clear 28’

-7’ 4 Strand Collector Deck w/78 Rooftop Chain w/Drive; 17’ Wide, 11’ Long

-Spiral Rollcase Off Temple System; 48” Wide, 60’ Long; w/Steel Slides & Sorting Bay; 14’ x 20’ Sorting Bay

-50’ 10 Strand Outfeed Transfer System w/Even End Rolls w/Lumber Lugs

-Grade Marker System

-LSI Dry 30 Bay Sorter w/Allen Bradley PLC Controls w/320’ Sorter Building, 36’ Wide

-144’ 4 Strand Carry Out Deck w/81x Chain w/8 Drives

-72” x 15’ Popup Lumber rolls w/72’ x 31’ Outfeed Roll w/Drive

-17’ 5 Strand Transfer w/81x Chain

-8 Strand Unscrambler w/Drive w/Even End Rolls

-LSI 4’ Package Maker; 16’ Long, 17’ Wide w/4 Strand Transfer w/81x Chain

-Hoist & Lumber Rollouts w/72’ x 34 ½’

-Hydraulic Power Pack w/Controls

-Twin Air Screw Type Air Compressor; 20HP Tank Mounted

-Hankinson Air Drying System

-Lincoln Portable Welder For Parts

-Beloit 48” 3 Knife Chipper; SN# C3604 W/Horizontal Feed w/Top Discharge w/50HP Motor, w/Pipe & Collector

-Webster 18” x 20’ Vibrating Conveyor w/MDI Metal Detector w/Transition Spout w/Drive & Controls’

-Variable Speed Planer Drive, DC Spare

-Timber Sizer w/Detroit 671 Power Unit w/PTO

-Yates P16 Timber Sizer w/Belt Drive w/40” x 25’ Infeed Rollcase w/21 ½’ Outfeed Rollcase, 30” Wide w/8” Rolls w/Built In 3 Arm Kickers

-48” Suction Blower w/Approx 75HP Motor

-Hydraulic System Run Off Power Unit

-16’ 2 Strand Package Deck, 7’ Wide


-Rebuilt Gear Reducer

-45’ 4 Strand Log Deck w/111 Chain

-Morbark 50’ Log Conveyor w/2 Strands of WD104

-Cut Off Saw; w/Morbark Operators Cab, w/Morbark 71 ½’ Log Conveyor, w/Pin Stops for Cut Up, w/2Strands of W104” Conveyor, w/Kickers

-42’ 5 Strand Log Deck to Peeler

-Morbark 48’ Infeed Conveyor w/110 Chain

-Morbark 640 Pole Peeler, SN# 84-183, w/Operators Cab, w/25’ Barn Sweep

-Morbark 55’ Outfeed Conveyor w/110 Chain w/Kickers

-30’ 5 Strand Log Deck

-15’ Hour Glass Rolls

-Morbark Post Peeler, Model PS8P, SN# 333, w/42” x 24’ Hourglass Rolls Outfeed

-FSM Webster Vibrating Conveyor, 24” x 36” x 21’, 23” x 106’ Belt Conveyor

-Morbark 35’ Dust Conveyor w/Cat Chain

-Electricial Shack, Main Disconnect

-Allen Bradley Chipper Starter w/Disconnects

-General Electric 8000 Line Motor Control Center

-Quincy QT-10 10HP Air Compressor

-Morbark Pole Peeler, Model P636, SN# 348, Control Cab, w/Morbark 45’ Infeed Trough, w/Morbark 55’ Outfeed Trough, w/32’ 4 Strand Log Deck

-19” x 25’ Barn Sweep Conveyor

-Hammermill 415 Hog, SN# 18362, w/18” x 40’ Conveyor


-Dry Kiln, 60’ x 26’ Steam Fired Kiln; w/9 ½’ x 6’ Control Room w/Controls

-34’ x 86’ Double Bay Kiln, w/(8) 20HP Motors, w/Warren Forest Products Controls, w/10’ x 1’ Control Room

-200 Gallon Fuel Tank w/Electric Pump

-Hurst 535 Waste Fired Boiler, 18500 PD5/Hour System, SN# 82-039 HRT 150-2, w/Fuel Hopper Auto Feed System w/Controls

-Spare Hurst Boiler, SN# 82-040 HRT 150-2

-7 ½ x 30’ Walking Floor Hopper Feder System

w/General Electric 750 KW Steam Turbine w/Controls


-(2) 40’ Storage Trailers, w/Chain, Extra Chain, w/Sprockets & Pullies


-Custom Built Trailer Dumper w/37’ Long Platform w/40HP Hydraulic Power Pack


-Thurman 120,000 OB Above Ground 70’ Scale W/Controls

-Weight Bay Portable Axle Scale SN# 012006


-2004 Peterson Model 4800E Flail Delimber Debarker, SN# 1E-1022, w/Hydrostatics & Hydraulic Pumps

-Morbark Chip Harvestor, SN# 201, w/Knuckleboom, Mounted on Pental Hook Trailer

-Morbark Whole Tree Chip Harvester, Model 22RXL, SN# 1449, Chip Size 3 ¾” , w/Slide Boom

-Custom Built Stumper System, Stump Grinder, w/6 Cylinder Detroit Engine


-Stretcher Roll w/Hammering Block For Parts

-#4 Band Saw Sharpener w/Clamp & Stands For Parts- Welding Clamp for Parts

-Hanchett #60 Table Type Knife Sharpener SN# 096 w/Work Table & Gauges

-Newman G200 Knife Sharpener

-(3) Wright Circle Sharpeners For Parts

-Dawson 4’ 5 Arm Tie & Timber Stacker w/Transfer & Hoist w/16’ 5 Strand Transfer w/Controls w/Mellott 24” Rollcase w/6” Rolls w/Spiral Section-50’ w/Drive

-4’ 4 Arm Tilting Breakdown Hoist w/18’ 5Strand Package Deck-16’ Wide w/Stick Removal System

-16’ 5 Strand Unscrambler w/Built in Even End Rolls w/4 Temple System

-Armstrong #4 Band Saw Sharpener w/Clamp & Stands

-Armstrong #4Stretcher Roll w/Hammering Block w/Work Table w/Swages & Sharper w/Armstrong Welding Clamp

-Babbit Pot & Tools

-McDonough Guide Dresser SN# BDM-411

-Acme Pedestal Type Circle Saw Sharpener

-Retipping Table w/Hammering Block

-Marvel High Speed #9 Metal Cutting Band Saw

-Hydraulic Press

-Ridgid Pipe Threader

-(15) Extra Chisel Tooth Saws-Various Sizes

-Acme Pedestal Type Sharpener

-#4 Band Saw Sharpener For Parts

-Hanchett 48” Table Type Knife Sharpener


-Parts Room Attached To Boiler: Extra Motors; South Band Lathe; Gear Reducers; Doris Key Way Machine; Gear Drives; Air Hoses; In Ground Hoist

-New Belts, Titan Gas Powered Generator; 10HP Upright Tank Mounted Air Compressor; Hydraulic Hose Machine; Cut Off for Hose; Hydraulic Hose; New Bearings & New Cylinders; Cat Parts & Chipper Parts; Planer Heads; Belt Lacing; Electrical Parts & Wire

-Corley Bar Type Log Turner w/Built in Infeed Rollcase for Turning

-(2) Salem Spare 826 Carriage Drive SN# 88-826-1778/SN# 826-1719

-Miller 225NT Bobcat Welder/Generator w/Onan 16HP Engine

-Rebuilt Gear Reducers; Cat Motor For Parts; 250 Gallon Fuel Tank w/Electric Pump; Gear Drives; Planer Parts; Motors & Parts; Scrap; Electrical; Chain; KB Parts; Truck Parts; Planer Feed & Debarker Parts; Chain Hoist; Concave Rolls; Electrical Transformers


-Cat 322 Feller Buncher, NS# 9RL01038, w/High Speed Saw Head

-Morbark 6300 Feller Buncher, SN# 4283, Saw Head

-Hydro Ax Feller Buncher w/Shearer Head

-Morbark Bell Logger w/Grapple


-Barko 40 Stationary Knuckleboom w/ Hydraulic Power Pack w/ Motor & Controls

-Cat 525B Dual Arch Grapple Skidder, SN# 3KZ00874

-Cat 525B Dual Arch Grapple Skidder, w/Floatation Tires On Rear, w/ Winch, SN# J079755

-Timberjack 450 Dual Arch Skidder, w/Hydraulic Angle Blade w/Gearmatic Winch

-Timberjack 230E Dual Arch Grapple Skidder w/Straight Blade, w/Manual Transmission w/Eaton Winch

-Tigercat Dual Arch

-Prentice ATL 425 Knuckleboom Loader SN# 425P52802, w/6 Cylinder 8.3 Cummins Engine on Rough Terrain Carrier

-Barko 275B Knuckleboom Loader SN# 19982

-Prenctice 410E Knuckleboom Loader Mounted On Evans Trailer w/CTR 314 Delimber

-Prentice 410E Knuckleboom SN# 53642, w/Robotec Grapple, w/Continuous Rotation, w/Cummins Engine; Moutned on Ford 8000 T/A Truck; VIN 1FDYW8U1DBA18367

-Prentice H Model Rear Mounted Knuckleboom; Mounted on 1988 Mack MR6905 Tri Axle Flat Bed Truck, VIN 1M2K175C5JM001524

-Prentice 210D Knuckleboom Loader, Being Used as Stationary KB, Mounted on Self Propelled Carrier

-Husky XL300 Knuckleboom Trailer Mounted

-Prentice 410D Knuckleboom Loader, w/GM 471T Detroit Diesel Engine (needs repairs) Being used at Log Cut Up Line SN# 425P24436

-FEC Saw Buck, Short Frame

-Custom Built Buck Saw

-Grove Crane, Model RT60S, SN# 33564, w/International Engine (needs repairs)

-Genie Z-45/25 4×4 Boom System

-Komatsu PC 40 Mini Excavator

-Volvo L90C Articulating Wheel Loader, SN# L90CV63449, w/Quick Attach Bucket

-Volvo L90C Articulating Wheel Loader, SN# L90CV63058, w/Rockland Quick Attach Forks, w/Clamps, w/25,551 Hours

-Cat 950E Articulating Wheel Loader, SN# 63R06068, w/Forks & Clamp, w/Solid Tires On Front Axle

-Allis Chalmers 545 Articulating Wheel Loader, Series B Bucket Machine, W/Detroit 371 Engine

-Michigan 55 Articulating Wheel Loader, w/Detroit 4 Cylinder Engine w/Forks & Clamp

-Michigan 55 Wheel Loader, w/Forks & Clamp, w/Detroit Engine

-Michigan Articulating Wheel Loader w/Forks & Clamp

-Michigan Wheel Loader w/Clamp, w/Detroit Engine, w/Rear Steer

-Michigan Articulating Wheel Loader-For Parts

-Slip on Bucket

-Slip on Bucker

-Cat D4TSK Dozer; SN# 7PK00292 w/6 way Blade; w/Esco Grapple; w/Swing Boom

-Cat D5H TSK Dozer; SN# 7EG01151, w/Esco Grapple, w/6 way Blade

-Cat 250 Dual Wheel Forklift, DP115, SN# 4DP00077

-Cat V300B Forklift, SN# 72Y02092, w/8’ Forks, w/Side Shift

-Clark 18,000lb Big Wheel Forklift, w/8’ Forks, Enclosed Cab

-Clark 16,000lb Big Wheel Forklift, w/6’ Forks-No Side Shift

-Clark 15,000lb Big Wheel Forklift, w/8’ Forks, w/4 Cylinder Detroit Diesel Engine

-Case 585D Big Wheel Forklift, w/Enclosed Cab, w/Dual 4’ Forks

-Case 584D Big Wheel Forklift, w/4’ Forks

-Hyster 7000lb Forklift w/Gas Engine, w/4’ Forks, SN# B5D2867D

-Chamber Delimanator, SN# CD1C020JD10097


-1995 Peterbilt Conventional Road Tractor TM-23, w/Sleeper, VIN 1XP5DB9X5SN380253

-1985 Mack R Model Day Cab Road Tractor, VIN 2M2N187YXF008360

-Marmon T/A Road Tractor, VIN 1100EB18711000296- used as a yard truck

-1979 International Tandem Axle Yard Truck, VIN DE227KGB12694

-1979 International Yard Truck, VIN DF227JGB16807

-(3) GM Astro For Parts, w/Motor & Transmission

-Volvo A25 6×6 Dump, VIN 05946

-1975 International Single Axle Yard Dump, VIN 10685LL1A35311, w/Auto Transmission, w/Diesel Engine

-1964 Ford Super Duty 1000 Tandem Axle Dump, w/Gas Engine, w/Steel Bed, VIN T9SR0540624

-1993 International 4×2 Crew Cab Truck 4900 DT 466D, Tandem Axle, Unit L255, VIN 1HTSDPPN4PH534754, w/Heavy Duty Lifting Bed, Equipped with Tools, w/IMT 425 AT Crane, w/Reels for Grease, w/Miller Bobcat Welder, w/Kohler Pro 12.5 Gas Engine, w/IR Air Compressor Gas Powered

-1983 Ford F650 Super Duty Crew Cab Pickup, w/Tilting Bed

-2002 Chevy 2500 4×4 Heavy Duty Crew Cab, w/Gas Engine, VUN 1GCHK29U32E289167

-2001 Chevy 2500 Heavy Duty Silverado Service Truck; Unit #34, VIN GCHK24US1E1854Z0, w/Utility Bed, w/Ingersoll Rand Gas Powered Air Compressor, w/Air Storage Tank

-2010 Nissan 4×4 Xterra, VIN 5N1AN0NW6AC526647

-2007 Nissan Xterra 4 DR SUV VIN 5N1AN08WX7C502422

-1979 Summit 30’ Dump trailer, Unit DT25; Tandem Axle, SN# AD3071379-4068, w/Self Contained 9 HP Gas Engine

-1979 Gene Tandem Axle 25 Ton Lowboy, VIN 35GLB7910F, Unit LB$

-2001 Interstate Tag-A-Long Lowboy, w/Loading Ramps, VIN 1JKDLA4001M001879

-1996 Fruehauf 48’ Spread Axle Flatbed Trailer w/Strap Kit, VIN 1H2R04327W034702

-1995 Sopko 45’ Drop Frame Log Trailer, VIN 1S9LP4523511215192

-Kent Pole Trailer, VIN08604902257

-45’ Log Trailer Unit B026, Old Trip Type Standards-No tire or wheels

-Evan Drop Deck Trailer, w/Trim Standards, not in use

-Custom Built Log Trailer Yard Trailer w/Solid Wheels

-Custom Built Log Trailer

-1988 Dorsey 42’ Walking Floor Trailer, Unit 0LF22, VIN 1DTV71T29JA180471, w/Rollover Tarp

-1984 Dorsey Walking Floor Trailer, Unit 07F20, VIN 1DTV75W22EA167864, w/Self Contained Gas Powered Unit

-1974 Fruehauf Walking floor Trailer Unit CLF-23- No SN#

-Fruehauf 40’ Walking Floor Trailer For Salvage

-1998 Transcraft 102” x 48’ Curtain Side Trailer, Spread Axle, VIN 111F48208W1056401

-1978 Fruehauf 45’ Open Top Trailer, VIN MEZ-558701

-1976 Fruehauf 40’ Open Top Trailer, Unit OBX14, VIN CHX 215442

w/Rollover Tarp

-1978 Fruehauf 40’ Open Top Trailer, VIN MEZ-568801

-1976 Fruehauf 40’ Chip Trailer, CHX-215423

-1976 Fruehauf 40’ Chip Van Trailer, VIN CHX-21542

-1974 Fruehauf 40’ Chip Van trailer, SN# HJPS517012

-1973 Fruehauf 40’ Chip Van trailer, VIN HPR-477004

-Fruehauf 40’ Chip Van Trailer, Unit BX19-No ID Tag

-1976 Fruehauf 40’ Chip Van Trailer, Unit 0BX3, SN# HPS508197

-Fruehauf 40’ Chip Van Trailer- Not In Service, Live Bottom Belt Type Trailer

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