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CNC Machines, Lathes, Benders, Mills & More!
On-Location (w/ Webcast)
Starts At
7/11/19 9:00 AM CDT
Ends At
7/18/19 5:00 PM CDT
320 Hershey Ave
Muscatine, Iowa
United States
Equipment Marketers & Appraisers (EMA)

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ID #
CNC Machines, Lathes, Benders, Mills & More!
On-Location (w/ Webcast)
Starts At
7/11/19 9:00 AM CDT
Ends At
7/18/19 5:00 PM CDT
320 Hershey Ave
Muscatine, Iowa
United States

Summary of Items


Day 1: Online auction with the bids at closing July 11 at 9 AM. Selling all office furniture and related equipment, raw materials, steel, aluminum, racking, and general support items. Inspection July 10, 8:00 to 5:00 PM or by appointment. Online bidding provided by

Day 2: Traditional auction with webcast bidding July 18 starting at 9 AM. Inspection July 17, 8:00-5:00 PM, Selling all machine tools, manufacturing support merchandise, vehicles and trailers. Webcast bidding provided by and

Day 2 Traditional auction with web cast bidding.
Tube mill:
AEF Tube mill, 2"x.038", components: 1) decoil reel, 12" width, 48" diameter, 2-sided, this works with the tube mill; 2) pneumatic cut-off station with a pneumatic knife approximately 8" width; 3) Kent Corporation continuous accumulator, model R22LE, s/n 9131RB, hydraulic type, designed to keep a continuous feed of coiled steel into the former, approximately 84" diameter, freestanding, hydraulic control; 4) roll forming station, (6) stand with 1" arbors, direct drive, powered by a Reliance AC motor, 400 hp motor, s/n W328123T1-HY, 500 volt; Induction welding station powered by a SF– GGP solid-state high-frequency power supply, which was purchased new in 2017, 5) cooling and lubrication station, appears to be custom built with (20) coolant nozzles, this station is approximately 13' length; 6) AEF 4-stand straightener, 1" diameter arbors, Reliance AC motor, 30 hp motor, type TR, s/n U326925TL2-LX, 500 volt, 49 amp; 7) flying cut-off, Alpha Press machine FR-8-Z-30, s/n 47, capacity is 2.00 OD, .083 wall, 48" traveling head, Includes Talleyrand PLC control,8) collection table, maximum length 20', (2) freestanding control panels, it does have a central control panel with Siemens controls, Series Simoreg. Sells with owners confirmation.
Addison Tube mill, This line consists of the following components: (1) Kent Corporation double-sided decoy reel 2001 model S Kd 6000, serial number 3197/ADD UNC1, 6000 pound capacity, minimum ID17 inches, maximum ID 21 inches, maximum coil width 12 inches, maximum coil OD 60 inches, pneumatic brake; 1) Fronius tig welder with watercooled torch, (1) manual flat sheer, (1) first stage forming Addison seven stand with edge alignment between each stand, 1 1/2 inch arbors, manual adjustment, each stand is powered, also includes; (1) E FD welder Elva Induksjon power supply model IMC 150/1.8 – 300, serial number 100333, new in 2001, input voltage 640, output voltage 1152, 150 KW, includes a sizing station after welder; (1) Rotary scarf station, (1) next station is a cooling tunnel approximately 10 foot length, next station (1) is an Addison sizing forming station three stands with horizontal sizing roles, includes an additional sizing station; (1) Alpha Thermo tool flying cut off with control PLC control, (1) final collection rack. This entire system is controlled by an Addison control station model AM – 2250 – U serial number 1036. This line sells with owners confirmation.
2013 Gasparini tube mill was originally designed for the production of 1½ inch thin wall tube. This machine is currently nonfunctioning, it has been partially disassembled. Contact Auction company for details.
2013 Gasparini roll former Model TRO 65 SI, TI PO 1.T.S.1,Consisting of the following components (1) decoy real; leveling and straightening station, manual type; (thirteen) stand roll forming 1 ½” arbors, currently is set to form angle iron, next station is the cutoff, Currently this line needs maintenance and troubleshooting on the control before it can be put back into production

CNC Press Brake:
2015 Cincinnati model 90 PDF Plus 8, Pro Forma series, five axis control, Press brake, s/n 55695, 8" stroke, 90-ton capacity, 10' overall, 8'6" between the housings, 4" die rail, freestanding control panel, color touch screen, Link Lite Black Max safety lighting has very good eye appearance.
CNC Laser
2009 Cincinnati model CL6 Co2 Laser, s/n 54289, 5'x10' GE Fanuc laser control, resonator C2000I-model B, 35068 hours on the meter for the resonator, (2) cutting tables with shuttle relay, Windows based control, 2,000 watt, includes the coolant Koolant Koolers water cooler model HCV7/500PR-NF -FILT, s/n 29699, hp is 7.5, PLC control, there is no dust collector, includes a transformer.

2011 Haas Vertical machining center, model VF-3SS, s/n 1082247, 360/480 volt, 3-phase, the table is 20"x48", has flush coolant, carousel side mounted tool changer, 24-tool, chip auger, high pressure coolant. Rigid tapping, macros, rotational and scaling, M19 spindle orientation, 12000 RPM, CAT 40 spindle, no 4th axis wired, x axis 40, Y 20" Z 25",.

CNC Router
2007 Haas model GR510 Master Cam Vertical machining center/Router, gantry type, s/n 1054118, Vector drive 20/15 hp, X axis 121", Y axis 61", Z axis 11", spindle nose to table maximum 13.5", spindle nose to table minimum 2.5", has coolant, the table is 53" left/right, 122" front/back, this is not a T-slotted table it is a milled table with tapped holes, 62" between columns, 15Hp spindle, maximum 10000 RPM, Haas control, 3-axis machine, it does have the wiring for the 4th axis, has good eye appearance, 10-tool automatic tool changer with CAT 40 tool holders.

CNC Robotic Welder
2015 Fanuc robotic welding cell, consisting of the following: (1) Fanuc robot type AO5B – 2611 – B122, F161700, serial number E15230775, (yellow in color) (1) Lincoln power reaming tip cleaner, (1) Lincoln electric automation solution indexing stations current fixture size 8’ x 46”, (1) Fanuc teach pad, type a 5B – 225 – C105 EAW, (1) Lincoln power supply R500 power supply, serial number U1150806325, Slick light curtain safety cage.

CNC Angle Roller
2007 Tauring model Delta 60 CNC -C angle roll, 3-bar, s/n 060D-621, takes up to 6" diameter roll OD, freestanding programmable control, has good eye appeal, appears to be in good condition. Currently needs repair.

1997 Tauring angle roll, model SE-CNCS- 2-OM- Delta 40 CNCS 3-bar, s/n 179, freestanding push button control, CNC-S programmable PLC control, assorted rolls, appears to be in good condition.

CNC Tube Benders
1989( Refurbished in 2016) Eaton Leonard CNC tube bender, model Vector bend, SN VB200HP-R-004-MTL-12-89, hydraulic mandrel, 3" maximum OD, the machine was complete refurbished and a new control was added, the control is a BendPro G2, freestanding, touch screen.

Eaton Leonard CNC tube bender, model VB300, SN BB30-199-ML, 3" capacity OD, hydraulic mandrel, collet type tool holder, has the Eaton Leonard 3-axis control, touch screen CNC controller, freestanding, this machine has good eye appeal, appears to be in good operating condition, the rack and pinion appears to be in good condition.

2002 Pedrazzoli CNC tube bender, model BM42CNC, s/n 025424, maximum bending capacity 42 mm by 2.5 mm, the minimum inside bending radius with standard spindle is 21 mm, equipped with a freestanding Pedrazzoli CNC control, touch screen. Currently not functioning.

CNC Knee Mill
Vertical mill, EZ Trak CNC control, s/n 12BR284227, 9"x48" T-slotted table, Bridgeport Series 2 head, 60-4,200 variable speed RPM, 2-axis control for the table and the saddle, programmable, control number serial 1159700 AP100126, additional machine s/n EZ1-BMI-5596, 4" riser block, the control overlay needs to replaced.

Wire Forming
2006 OMCG model CNC 19P3, Wire former, s/n 19A49, includes the programmable wire spool unwinder, approximately 48" diameter platform, lope control, freestanding control box with PLC, the main machine has the first station which is 2-tier wire straightener; the next station is a 3-roll straightener; the maximum capacity is 3/8", the length which it can bend and form is continuous, can form up to 180º, color monitor.

1993 Wire former, model CNC19 1P s/n 19A15, includes the programmable wire spool unwinder, approximately 48" diameter platform, lope control, freestanding control box with PLC, the main machine has the first station which is 2-tier wire straightener; the next station is a 3-roll straightener; the maximum capacity is 3/8", the length which it can bend and form is continuous, can form up to 180º, color monitor.

1994 North American OMCG wire former, model CNC 191P, serial number 19A04, 48-inch maximum diameter, wire decoiler, loop control, PLC control, pre straightener ½” capacity, continuous length, 180° radius bend, mono color display, older unit.

Assorted dies and tooling.

Press Brakes
2005 Standard Hydraulic press, model AB200-12, s/n S6051418, 200-ton capacity, 12' overall, 10' between the housing, does not have a press brake tang, set up strictly for punching, wide bed, the ram and bed are 12" wide and full length, does not have any safety controls, has a pre standing control with (3) mechanical depth stops, has good appearance.

2005 Standard Hydraulic press, model AB100-10, SN , 100 ton capacity, wide bed and ram, 10' overall, 8' between the housings, hydraulic type, does not have a press brake tang, is set up strictly for punching, has (3) depth stop controls, tonnage indicator, unable to locate an ID tag, has good apperance.
1992 Wysong Hydro-mechanical press brake, model H60-120, s/n HPB14-108, stroke of 2-1/2", 3" adjustment, 12" die space, 80-ton capacity, 10' overall, 8' between the housings, does not have a die riser, it currently designed for punching, manual ram adjustment, dual pneumatic counter balances on the ram, light curtain. Not under power.

Niagara Press brake, model 1B-15-8-4 s/n 41840, 15-ton capacity, 2" stroke, 1-1//2" adjustment, 8" shut height, mechanical type, 4' overall, condition unknown.

Assorted Press Brake dies: Assorted Wilton dies all are less than 36” in Length. Assorted short press brake dies various types and sizes.

1993 Pines vertical bender model 5T, SN 44362-93121, self - contained hydraulics, 7.5 ton maximum ram tonnage.

Punch Press
Version 150T OBG, air clutch, 6” stroke, there are holes burned thru the side frames, has been stored outside.

L & J press model 3, OBI punch press, flywheel type, mechanical clutch and brake, air activated mechanical clutch, 3" stroke, 4" adjustment, the bed is 20"x14", old unit.

L & J press model 3, OBI punch press, unable to determine s/n, mechanical type, mechanical clutch and brake, flywheel type, 12"x21" bed.

Famco press, model 51, punch press, bench model, s/n PF1SR55, OBI, mechanical clutch and brake, flywheel type, approximately 1-1/2" stroke, approximately 2" adjustment, no safety guarding.

RMI C frame bench model press, pneumatic type, serial five the SG/82278, 3 ton capacity.

Vogel Tool and Die Arc Fit notching dies. Various sizes.

Press feed equipment consists of:0(1) American steel line D Coyle real, mild zero, 4000 pound capacity, 30 inch ID with; (1) Cooper why mouth press feed can stroll control station, model 125-004-2641,; (1) Coyle leveler, 12 inch width, this entire system was integrated into a press. These items have been in storage and are not under power.

2011 Emmegi model Automatica/E 650 Hydraulic Chop saw, s/n C113038, 480 volt, 3-phase, PLC control, automatic or manual operation, up cut design, automatic feed stroke of approximately 36", 25” blade size, safety guarding, freestanding machine, air close vises, includes the cyclone dust collector, has good apperance.

1998 Kato Wagner model WAC70 Cold cut saw, s/n 3090-102-077, order #8297, this can be operated in manual or automatic mode, push button controls on the saw frame, power clamp, automatic cycle, coolant, freestanding push button control panel, the infeed conveyor is approximately 24' length, it has a bundle feed magazine rack, the saw is a hydraulic type, has approximately a 12" blade, hydraulic vises, has a manual feed stop. Includes Kilngelhofer Deburr machine, model NN-1100L, SN 30-3613/96/BE, order #8181, 38" maximum width, has continuous feed, can load (6) pieces of stock at one time, manual width adjustment, has wire brushes on each side for the deburring.
2006 Emmegi Twin Electra SUN TU/4 chop saw, high speed, s/n C103611, this saw is currently disassembled and non functioning, it has (2) trim stations with 20" diameter blades, designed to cut aluminum, it has approximately 20' left/right capacity, the capability of cutting upwards of a 16" bundle of stock.

2012 DoAll Horizontal band saw, s/n 597-12204, 208/230 volt. 3-phase, band length 158", semi-automatic, pivoting style frame with manual vise, 2 hp, has good appearance, appears to be in good condition.

CTD model M25R chop saw, s/n 212R, manual down feed, 45 degree 2 12" x 4 1/4, 90 degree 2 1/2" x 7 1/2", 12" blade capacity, mitering base, pneumatic vises, pneumatic chip removal, currently set up to cut aluminum, Tiger Stop parts feeder approximately 12' length, s/n TAL13406163.

CTD model M25 chop saw, s/n 332R, 14" diameter blade, pneumatic vise, 2 hp, has mitering capabilities, is equipped with a Tiger Stop, s/n CT-???12170450, programmable parts feeder approximately 12' maximum length, has good appearance.

1997 Super Brown Pedrazzoli Cold saw, s/n 28538, 12" saw diameter, mitering table, pneumatic vise, miter base, mechanical blade stop, 220/440 volt, has good eye appearance.

IBP Brown Master cold cut saw, 12" blade capacity, mitering capacity, pneumatic vise, has fair eye appeal.

Marvel vertical band saw, model 8-Mark -2, vertical type, s/n 827659, manual tilt, manual vise, 1" blade, coolant.

Marvel vertical band saw, Series 8 Mark 2, s/n 828940, nonfunctioning, consider a parts machine.

Grizzly vertical band saw, 16" throat, table size 17"x17", 2 hp, 110/240 volt, single phase, s/n 092591, 1" blade by 113" length, fence, push button start, has good eye appearance.

Performax chop saw, miter base, radial type, roller conveyor.

CTD chop saw, model M416, SN 696, pne down feed, 16” blade, pne vises, carbide tee blade, mitre base. Not under power.

1978 Polamco Tarnow Engine lathe, s/n 891, English/metric thread, 20-1,600 RPM, quick change gear, gap type bed, 20" swing over the bed, 24" swing in the gap, 78" C to C, PCF, PLF, thread dial, coolant, Trak 102 2-axis programmable readout, front compensating way, normal wear in the center of the bed, 12" 3-jaw chuck, 3" spindle bore.

1990 MSC Lathe, catalog #951735, s/n 7231, standard bed, 6" 6-jaw chuck, English/metric thread, quick change gears, 260-200 RPM, 1-1/4" spindle hole, 12" swing, 35" C to C, thread dial, spindle brake, no taper attachment, no coolant, appears to be in fair to good condition, significant amount of backlash in the carriage.

Aloris quick change tool post tool holder.

Milling Machines
Bridgeport Series 1 Vertical mill, s/n BR276139, 9"x48" table, PCF, chrome ways on the knee, variable speed head, 60-4,200, 2-axis Sargon digital readout programmable, 2 hp, 208/230/460 volt, 3-phase, has One Shot lube, has good appearance appeal, the saddle ways appear to be tight.

Bridgeport Model J Vertical mill, s/n 12BR76766, 9"x42" T-slotted table, no PCF, no One Shot lube, has J head with step pulley head, 1 hp, 208/220/460 volt, 3-phase, step pulley RPM range 80-2,720,

Rod and Tube Bender
Di-Acro Rod bender, s/n 15002491, 460 volt, 3-phase, PLC control, hydraulic type, maximum diameter of 1-1/2”.

Miller welder, Inversion 456P, power supply, DC inverter, s/n KJ229447, 230/460 volt, 3-phase.

Miller welder, Invision 456P, power supply, DC inverter, s/n KJ229456, 230/460 volt, 3-phase, includes the Miller 60M Series wire feeder, 4-wheel, mounted on 4-caster cart.

Lincoln welder, Power Mig 255XP, power supply, wire speed and voltage control are adjustable, K2701-2, code 11520, s/n U110080378, single phase, 30 amp/10 volt-250/26 volt, 40% DC at 250 amp 26 volt, 60% DC at 200 amp 28 volt, 100% DC at 145 amp 26 volt, self-contained wire feeder, trigger control, spot time control, run in control, burn back control, using a Bernard gun.

Lincoln welder, Power Mig 255C, wire welder, K2416-2, s/n 11U060009319, self-contained wire feeder, 250 amp, variable wire speed and voltage control.

Miller welder, Millermatic 252, wire welder, s/n MF340417N, single phase, 230/460 volt, 250 amp, self-contained wire feeder, voltage regulation and wire speed, 200 amp 28 volt 60% DC.

Plasma Cutter:
Thermal Dynamics welder, model 152 Cutmaster, plasma cutter, s/n MX1228005580, 1/3-phase, 208/230/460 volt, 30 amp 60% DC, 120 amp 80% DC, with torch.

FlexArm tapping machine, s/n 017406, 6’ radius, pneumatic chuck, mounted on a shop made table, Good appearance.

U Tap model 1000VH, tapping machine 48” radius, mounted on shop made table.

Cyclone collector:
Cyclone collector, mounted on 4 leg support frame, (8) cloth bags, 75’ of duct, used to collect aluminum shaving for the chop saws.

Granite Layout Tables:
Black granite layout plate, no ledge, 24"x36"x4" thick, mounted on a metal stand, appears to be in fair condition, the edges have chips.

Rockford surface plate, granite surface plate, 48"x96", 2-ledge, 16" height, pink granite.

Tru Stone black granite surface plate, 6’ x 4’, 10 inches thick, no ledge mounted on steel frame table.

Black granite surface plate, 48” x 72”, no ledge mounted on metal base.

Surface plate, black granite, 2-ledge, mounted on a steel base, 24"x36", has good eye appeal, appears to be in good condition.

Starrett pink granite surface plate, 18” x 24”, two ledge, serial number 726936, with metal stand.

24” x 36” surface plate, 2 ledge, on metal base.

(3) 24” x 36” surface plate, two ledge and no ledge, on metal basis.

Starrett optical comparator, model HB 400, serial number 50107, includes the two axes Quad Chek 2000 digital readout, 15 inch diameter screen, side profile, mounted on base.

Tube Processing Equipment:
Tube cutoff machine, air clutch, SN 57866, 1 ½” diameter.

Birkestrand, tube & pipe flanging facing machine, beveling machine up to 6" capacity, has a Milwaukee power drill driving the facing head, 3/4" super hole shooter catalog 1854-1, s/n 567B603420017, mounted on a stand, has good eye appeal, appears to be in good condition.

Automatic coping center, built by Fabricators Plus, consists of a self-contained power pack that has a Baldor 7-1/2 hp motor, 230/460 volt, 3-phase, with PLC control; (2) coping stations that are hydraulic actuated, each station has approximately 16' of lineal travel, the travel is manual propulsion, the actuation of the coping dies is by hydraulic, the maximum OD is 2", maximum wall thickness is 14 gauge, this requires a foot pint of approximately 25'x4', would be very easy to relocate, very easy to move, you could also reconfigure the coping dies for another configuration.

(2) Custom built end finishing machine, 36” and 8’ between brushes, the brushes are 16” width.

Williams & White horizontal bulldozer, 80 ton capacity, Sn C-3703, 13” stroke, PBC, 480V 3PH.

Induction hardener:
Radyne Corp, includes Sterlco portable chiller model SMCA15, SN 31EO564, AB Panel View 300 PLC control, 2” diameter capacity, heat exchanger.

Tocco with inducto heat controller

1965 Leland Gifford drill press, 2LVS, s/n 2V-1S-20-85, single spindle, variable speed, 93-3,000 RPM, tapping capability, power down feed, step pulley head, 12" throat, the table is 24"X36", has coolant, manual adjustment table.

Champion magnetic base drill, model RB65E, s/n M1638.

Chamfering Machine:
Wilton model 4505 Deburr chamfer, s/n 04010001, 110 volt, 2" insert cutter head, mounted on a push button base.

Jet model JFG – 633 Belt and disc grinder, s/n 101189978, 1-1/2 hp, 115/230 volt, single phase, stock #708599, push button controls, 6" belt, 12" diameter disc, mounted on a Jet stand, original paint and decal.
Air Compressors:
Sullair, model ES8, 15 hp, unable to locate the ID tag, mounted on a horizontal tank.

2013 Kaiser, model Air Center SM15, s/n 1267, part #100794.1, 125 psig, 53 cfm, 208/230/460 volt, 3-phase, 15 hp, Sigma Control Basic part #100794.1, s/n 1267, sound enclosure cabinet, 13,008 hours on the meter.

2014 Kaiser, model BSD50 Sigma, s/n 1283, Part #101285, 125 psig, 236 cfm, voltage is 460-Y 266-V, 3-phase, ???passage FLA64, 50 hp, located in a sound enclosure cabinet, on board PLC, Sigma Control 2, purchased new, this is the main air compressor. 38,846 hours on the meter.

2006 Ingersoll Rand, model SSRUP6-40-125W, s/n PG2239U06020, 90 psig maximum, 185 cfm, 166 run hours, 59,599 load hours, located in a sound enclosure cabinet, believe to be 40 hp, appears to be a backup unit.

2014 Kaiser model TE 121 Dryer, s/n 1590, 1.8038.10010, refrigerant R134A, 230/460 volt.

Great lakes Air Products dryer, model GRF – 180 – 116 Dryer, s/n 30159, 120 volt, single phase, 230 psig, R134A refrigerant.

Material Handling:
Hyster forklift, model E50XN-33, s/n A268N05368J, electric type, E0 36 volt, maximum amps per hour 1,550, truck weight 10,680 lbs. with the battery, rated capacity 4,700 lbs., mast height 194", front tires 21X7X15 cushion, rear wheel 16X6X10.5 cushion, indoor type, 4-wheel, FOPS, free lift, triple stage, side shift, unit is charging unable to get the hour meter reading.

1999 Skyjack scissor lift, model SJ34626, s/n 703768, indoor type, non skid tires, raises 21', 46" overall, 40"x80" deck with a 3' slide out, original paint and decal, appears to be in good condition.

Bridge Crane:
Freestanding system, six support post, 15 foot span, approximate 30 foot length, 12 foot with, understood long been, budget hoist, includes Anver sheet lifter, this was used to load and unload material for the laser.

Plastic Film Wrapper:
2012 Highlight Industries Shrink Wrap Banning Machine, Model Revolver 2003/5PB, s/n B212-100-17262, 120 volt, single phase, maximum left/right capacity of 24", maximum height capacity 13", this is a plastic film wrap type of banding machine, has wrap counter, manual infeed, the banding machine is a stationary type, has good eye appeal, appears to be in good condition.

Pallet Wrapper:
Pallet shrink wrap, model Q 300, s/n QM026973, 120 volt, single phase, has a round platform that is 60" in diameter, programmable, turntable speed control, roll carriage speed control, wrapping force control.

Cardboard Packer:
J V manufacturing, model 60 DBL U, Cardboard packer, s/n 6520, self-contained hydraulics, 60"x30", standard unit.

Paint Boot:
Paint booth, freestanding, bolt together design, 3-sided, the foot print is approximately 7'x13', the overall height is approximately 8', there is no exhaust currently, explosion proof lighting in the ceiling, currently being used as welding station

2012 Ram 2500 HD Bighorn edition Pickup, VIN 3C6UD5DL7CG253900, 9,600 lb. GVWR, 4-door crew cab, cloth interior, power seats, 40/20/40 front seats, rear bench seat, power windows, power locks, power mirrors, 185842 miles on the odometer, traction control, instrument display, AM/FM/Satellite radio, AC and heat, electronic 4WD, automatic transmission, built in trailer tow package with electric trailer brake, the interior is clean and appears to be in good condition, 6'6" box, power sliding mirror, the tailgate is dented, has a Truxedo Low Pro roll up bed cover, box mat, the inside of the box is scratched, does not have a bedliner, has the Cummins 6.7L, 6-cylinder diesel power engine, tire size LT265/70R17.

2013 Ford Focus, Vin 1FADP3F2 9DL280518, four-door, leather interior, manual transmission five-speed, power windows, locks power mirrors, black in color, information display.


(5) Dry van trailers, most have been used for onsite storage, tandem axle, 48’ length.

Appalachian model SDG24 trailer 5th wheel hitch, VIN 5Z5-G2429ES000190, 12,000 lb. GVWR, tandem axle, 8-lug rim, tire size ST235/80R15, 18' deck, 5' beavertail, wood deck.

General Support:
Approximately 300 lot numbers of table items including manual tools, C-clamps, precision instruments, perishable tooling, magnetic base drill.

Precision Instruments: Height gauges, micrometer sets up to 12”, calipers up to 24”, Trammel points up to 6’, dial indicators, testing gauges and general precision instruments.

A quantity of hardware storage bins and assorted hardware, (2) electric over air scissor lift tables, approximately (75) 4-caster carts. General support items.

The Following Sells On Day 1:Online bidding only

Raw Material:
Mild Steel:
Assorted mild steel and structural forms, including a small quantity of structural including squares, angles, flats and rounds up to 20’ in length.

Stainless Steel:
Stainless steel sheets, approximately 48” x 10’, various gages and alloys.

A quantity of aluminum sheets, approximately 48” x 10’, various gauges, various alloys.

A quantity of aluminum structural including angle iron squares, rounds, rectangles, various lengths.

Extruded aluminum, various sizes and styles.

Tube Steel:
A quantity of tubes steel, predominantly thin wall, most are 20 foot lengths, most of this inventory was used to produce livestock gates.

(12) cantilever racks, free standing, single sided.

300 lineal feet of pallet racking, 41” width x 17’ height

Assorted pallet racking bars and wire mesh shelfs.

A quantity of pallet racking, individual sections.

General Storage Racks

Office Furniture:
Approximately 200 lots of office furniture

(6) desk sets with storage hutches, C-shape, very ornate

Approximately (50) filing cabinets, 2-drawer, 3-drawer and 4-drawer

A quantity of lateral filing cabinets

(2) Conference tables, 4’ x 12’

(24) high back armchairs for the conference tables

A quantity of wooden and steel desks

Approximately (75) office chairs

A quantity of computer monitors

Cardboard Boxes:
A quantity of cardboard boxes, various sizes and types up to 4’ square

General Support:
A quantity of general support merchandise.

Unfinished Product:
A quantity of formed livestock gates, these gates are not finished.

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