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Lathes, Milling Machines, Lots of Tools Online Only Auction Begins to End May 5, 2022 Thursday 6:30 pm To Bid Go To PREVIEW will be May 5, 2022 Thursday 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm 15% Buyers Premium
Timed Online
Starts At
4/1/22 8:00 AM CDT
Ends At
5/5/22 6:30 PM CDT
5/5/22 2:00 PM CDT – 5/5/22 5:00 PM CDT
415 S Main Street
Jonesboro, Illinois 62952
United States

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ID #
Lathes, Milling Machines, Lots of Tools Online Only Auction Begins to End May 5, 2022 Thursday 6:30 pm To Bid Go To PREVIEW will be May 5, 2022 Thursday 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm 15% Buyers Premium
Timed Online
Starts At
4/1/22 8:00 AM CDT
Ends At
5/5/22 6:30 PM CDT
5/5/22 2:00 PM CDT – 5/5/22 5:00 PM CDT
415 S Main Street
Jonesboro, Illinois 62952
United States

Summary of Items


Lathes, Milling Machines, Lots of Tools
Online Only Auction

415 S Main St., Jonesboro, IL 62952

Begins to End May 5, 2022 Thursday 6:30 pm

To Bid Go To

PREVIEW will be May 5, 2022 Thursday 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Pick Up will be
May 6, 2022 Friday 10:00 am to 5:30 pm
May 7, 2022 Saturday 8:30 am to 11:30 am

For heavy equipment there will be an additional day on May 20, 2022, by appointment.

15% Buyers Premium

16” South Bend Lathe 14’9”x24”x53”
Buck Chuck w/ Servo Turbo Drive & Cart
South Bend Lathe 66”x28”x65.5”
Kennedy Toolbox w/ Taps, Bits, Blades, etc. 20”x9”x14”
Craftsman Stack on Toolbox 29.5”x18.5”x46”
Seiki VS 3 Phase Induction Milling Machine 59”x51”x89”
Cylinder Valve Seat Pat#4860700 #40021324B 14”x15”
Swivel Hoist 48”x18” Baseplate
Acer 60-4500 Rpm 3 Phase Milling Machine 63”x63”x89”
Homemade Jigs
South Bend 1800 Rpm Milling Machine 61”x49”x80”
3 Buckets of Scrap
Bandsaw Blades
Saw Blades Mostly 14”
Kennedy Toolbox w/ Taps, Bits, Blades, etc. 20”x9”x14”
Craftsman Stack on Toolbox 29.5”x18.5”x46”
Central Machinery 14” Oscillating Spindle Sander w/ Pedal Control Stand
27” Turn-Nado South Bend Lathe 11’5”x39”x59”
Gears & More
Clamp Rack w/ Clamp & Straight Edges
Craftsman 8” Bench Grinder w/ Pedal Control Stand
Craftsman 6” Buffer w/ Pedal Control Stand
Central Machinery Sander w/ Pedal Control Stand (w/ Extra Belts)
Brazing Rod Stand w/ Rods
Lincoln Electric Precision Tig 275 #K2618-1
Homemade Jigs & More
Wrench Art
Tig Welding Rods
Steel Welding Table 6’x5’1”x3’
Conley & Kleppen WF-1 Wire Feed Welder & Stand
Homemade Steel Stand 14.5”x18.5”x24”
Homemade Jigs & More
Assorted Taps
Assorted Taps
Assorted Bits
Assorted Bits
Grinding Stones
Welding Mask
Split Steel Shaft Collars
Welding Gloves & More
Measuring Tools
Assorted Bits
Assorted Taps
Assorted Bits
Assorted Taps
Control Box Type MVAKO11150-100/110V
Hardware & More
Aluminum Brass & Copper
Rolling Work Cart
Hardware Cabinet w/ Mostly Allen Bolts 34”x12”x42”
Homemade Hydraulic Jig
Cart w/ Contents
GreenLee Hydraulic Punch Driver
SnapOn Utility Knife, Braker Bar, & a Pully
Bearing Puller
Jigs, Turbo Drive & More
Assorted Bits
Cutting Tools
Bits, Collars & More
Assorted Bits
Cutoff Wheels, Grinder Wheels, etc.
Blue Point Snap On Pilot Reamers
Steel Items
Taps & More
Oil Dispenser (Empty), Wheel Weights, Pry Bar & More
Hydraulic Cutters
Vacuum Parts, Speed Controller, Motor, Chemicals, Bits, etc.
Welding Supplies
Bandsaw Blades
20” Proto Extensions ½” Drive
Starrett No. 773 Electric Digital Linear Machine Scale
Clamps, Gauges, & More
Miscellaneous Cordless Tools
Bits, Clamps, Lathe Parts, etc.
Cabinet w/ Contents
Annular Cutters
Annular Bits w/ Organizer
Drill Bits w/ Organizer
Rolling Cart
Craftsman 16 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum
Various Sheet Metal
Homemade Jig, Hydraulic Cutter & More
Turbo Drive
Fire Department Plaques
Torch Parts
¼ Cable Router #75361
Brackets, Punches, Mirrors, etc.
Beakers & Magnetism Mixer
2 Showcases 70”x18”x40”
Scrap Metal
Hand Sanitizer Stand
Snap On Bushing Remover & Inserter Sets
Torque Wrench Multiplier
Various Measuring Tools
Tap & Dies
Various Bits
Minute Man Keyway Broach Set
Ground Parallels and Sine Plate
Electric Motors
Keyway duMONT 3/8 - CHS
Edge Technologies Mill Stop
Ultra-Thin Parallel Gauges
Surf EX 2 Surface Finish Measurement Instrument
Wooden Boxes
Miscellaneous Bits
Bits, Taps, Collets, Squares, etc.
Miscellaneous Metal & More
Bits, Collars, Springs, & More
Multi Drive Speed Control, Bits, Chucks, etc.
HFS Magnetic Base w/ Indicator Adjustor
Tap, Collar, Bits, Rings, etc.
Bits, Taps, Dies
Bits, Gauges, etc.
Clamps, Springs, Steel, etc.
Bits, Taps, Cutters & More
Bits, Chucks, & More
Jigs & More
Reamers, Taps, Bits, etc.
Annular Bits & Others
Chucks, Cutters, etc.
Letter & Number Punches
Bits & More
Puller, Gasket Cutter, Counter Sinks, Center Punches
Collets, Bits, etc.
EMD Roots Blower Ratchet Wrench Kit
Jig Kit
Chucks, Cutters
Mill Cutters
Worktable 9’10”x4’x3’ (Must Pick up After 4pm)
2 Drawer File 14”x18”x24”
Roller Jig 102”x24”x43”
"Woodstock Shop Fox M1012 48"" Pan and Box Brake Cap. 48"" x 12 ga mild steel, Brake Angle 0° - 135° 1300 lbs. Serial # 10027
Niagara No. 136 Metal Shear 37” Shear Surface
Hydraulic Press
Wilton Cold Saw Model#CK350
Central Pneumatic Blast Cabinet
GE Select Refrigerator 29.5”x32”x65”
Metal Cutter
Safety Vest, Gear Drives, & More
Various Metal & Rods
Various Metal & Rods
3 Aluminum Shelves 49.5”x25.25”x72” (Must Pick up After 4pm)
Moly Rod, Pipe, Flat Stock, Angles, etc. (Note: Some Cardboard Tubes are Empty)
Material Rack 12’x2’8”x7’ (Contents Sold in Previous Lot, Must Pick Up After 4pm)
Martin Moto Magnetic Vibrator Model# CD450/RD800
Paper Weights
Fury 7” Saw
Hydraulic Cutters
Tapmatic R5
Heavy Duty Dressing Tool
Tube Benders
Hand Punch
Shrink Wrap
Tools, Gauges, Bolts, etc.
Pipe Cutter, Control Switches, etc.
Gauge, Lifeline, Control Box, & More
Suburban Tools, Fly Cutter Set (Not Complete)
? Cutter
Parker Hydraulic Control Unit
Metal Stool
Worktable 8’x3’7”x2’10”
Various Metal Items
DoAll Model 2012-1A Band Saw, Welder, Pneumatic Table Feed
Various Metal Items
Bolt Bins w/ Bolts: (1) 35”x12”x21.5”, (1) 35”x12”x42”
Enerpac Hush Pump
Hardware Cabinet w/ Hardware 20.5”x12.5”x48”
Hardware Cabinet w/ Hardware 20.5”x12.5”x45”
Hardware Cabinet w/ Hardware 20.5” 12.5”x33”
Bearing Balls, Pole Barn Screws, & More
Control Panels & More
Shelving (Will Need To Be Partly Disassembled to Fit Through Door) (2) 9’2”x18.25”x8’3”, (1) 6’2”x18.25”x8’3”
Metal Tube
Corner Desk w/ Bookshelf 74” From Corner Both Ways x28”x33” w/ A 30”x14”x60” Shelf
1 Drawer Cabinet 16”X18”X34”
Craftsman Work Stool
Wall Cabinet/ Back Bar 66”x21”x71.5”
Wooden 2 Drawer File 16”x17”x27.5”
Bunn LPG Series Coffee Grinder (Base Mounted To The Wall), Plastic Hopper Has Cracks
Contents of Work Bench
Craftsman 6” Grinder w/ Wheels
Crates & More
Workbench 8’8”x2’5”x3’
Iron Base Table
Agitating Parts Washer (Note: Must be Unbolted From Floor)
Workbench 5’x1.5’x3’2”
Workbench 5’x1.5’x3’2”
Clausing 4 Head Drill Press
Homemade Hydraulic Press and Hydraulic Pump
Scrap Bin
Scrap Bin (Bearings)
Trinco Dry Blast Model# 48X48SL71C & Model# DP850
Metal Items
Bar Clamps
Power Cords
Dayton Model# 2X442 Drum Switch & Other Parts
Chokers, Wire Mesh, Fan, Oil Drain Tub
Lincoln Electric Power Mig 256 Serial# M3170502003
Migmaster 250 Serial# MBHJ624015
Hydraulic Punch 57”x20”x53” w/ Extra Punch
Scotchman Bandsaw 158" Band Length DOM 5/2011
Scotchman 9012-24M Press, Punch Shear
Sheet Metal Cutter/Crimper
Air Powered Wire Brush 12” Brush,24” Length
Aluminum Worktable w/ Contents (Must Be Unbolted to Move) 7’1”x2’3”x3’
McCulloch 1800 psi Jet Washer
I-beam & Pistons
Shelf w/ Contents 73.5”x18”x8’3”
Barrels, Scrap Metal, Bolts
Steel Bin of Scrap Metal 6’x3’4”x3’
Air Hose
35 Ton Hydraulic Punch 7.5’x2’3”x5’1”
Grinder Wheels
Miscellaneous Metal Parts
Rolling Cart & Contents
6 ½ Gallon Parts Washer
2 Work Stands
Metal Cabinet 24”x24”x14”
Homemade Rolling Cart 3’x3’
Workbench w/ Delta Grinder, Hydraulic Pedal, & More
6 Bags of Garnet 80 Mesh
Stacking Bin w/ Paint & More
Stainless Steel
2 Part Pure Cast Expired 10/22/20
Graco Magnum LTS17 Airless Paint Sprayer
Enerpac Hush Pup Model# PE02001
Steel Cones
Material Roll 30”x60”x32”, 12” Rollers
1 ¼-7x10 Unc Threaded Rod
Inverter PCS-43 Plasma Cutter (Doesn’t Work, Consignor States it Has High Trade-in Value)
Mig Wire 3-64 Inch 1.2mm 1-.035” or .9mm
Rigid Portable Band Saw
Material Roller 8’7”x34”x32”, 16.5” Roller
Stools & Chairs
Rolling, Cart, Welding Mask, Planes, & More
Material Roller & Stand
Material Roller 8’x16”x32”, 10” Rollers
Homemade Bumper 60”x6”
Pallet Jack, Not Working
Bandsaw Blades New in Box 2-20
Scrap Metal
Various Steel Items
John Deere Attachment Jigs
Various Metal Items
Flat Stock Steel 1 1/2”x1/8”x20’
Miscellaneous Metal
Miscellaneous Pieces of Non-Magnetic Metals
Mesh Grates
Stainless Steel
Aluminum Block & Diamond Plate
Hydraulic Shaver
Miscellaneous Metal & More
Threaded Rod, Mill Head, Various Metal
Miscellaneous Pipe & Steel
Warehouse Shelving (Must Pick Up After 4pm) 38’x3.5’x12’ Tall
Nuts & Bolts
Miscellaneous Metal
Miscellaneous Metal
Miscellaneous Metal
Miscellaneous Metal
Jig & Other Parts
Dayton 20” Drill Press
Metal Workbench & Contents
New Holland Jigs & More
Stacking Bins & Contents
Wilton 8” Bench Grinder & Stand
Craftsman Belt & Disc Sander
Shelving & Contents
Garden Tools
Aluminum Propane Tank
Loadstar ½ Ton Hoist
Stainless Steel Strips
Stacking Crates w/ Miscellaneous Metal
1 Stacking Crate w/ Miscellaneous Metal
Stacking Crates w/ Pins & Bolts
Gentec Induction Generator 45 Kil, 60 Hp, 1800 rpm, 3 Phase, Serial# C1501190652
Sioux Model# 2075 Valve Face Grinder
Miller LMSW-52T Portable Spot Welder w/ Table
Miscellaneous Steel
John Deere Attachment Jigs
Turn-nado 17” For Parts or Restoration
Hardware Bin w/ Hardware
Hardware Bin w/ Hardware
Tools, File Cabinet, & Fan Guard
Blue Flex Guard
Wooden Crates
Eaton Freight Train Compressor 120-140 psi Capacity MHP10, EC-SRW-080123R, Power Supply 290-60, 230 Volt-60Hrtz, Model# SRW-1-10HP (Compressor is Hard Wired, Buyer is Responsible for Disconnection & Removal)
Can of SKC-S Non-Destructive Testing Material and Can of ZL-27A Post Emulsified Florescent Penetrant
Spectroline Model FC-100, Fan Cooled Black Light Lamp Longwave Ultraviolet 365NM
Worktables 40”x31”, 98”x31”x37”
Stepladder & Cage
Bell Parts
Snap On Tools Display
Goat Wagon Parts
12 Gallon Shop Vacuum
Miscellaneous Metal
Lathe Chucks
Electric Motors
Lathe Parts, Motorhead, & More
Pipe Latches & More
Ceiling Fans, Shop Vacuum, Air Hose Reel
Rigid Pipe threader
Motors, Lathe Parts, & More
Hardware & Electrical Supplies
Light & Diagraph
Boxes & Totes
Grinding Wheels
Industrial Pots
4”x6”x16” Aluminum Box, (2) 17’ 2 ½” Metal Pipe & More
Workbench 41”x39”x36”
Shovels, Scraper, Broom
Wood Stoves w/ Crack
Jib Crane, 600 lb Hoist Bolted to Floor
Ingersoll Rand Compressor Serial# CBV392929, Model# ESIG, Max Pressure 150, Pump Speed 2850 (Hard Wired, Buyer Responsible for Disconnection)
Jib Crane, 600 lb Hoist Bolted to the Floor
Scrap Metal
Material Roller w/ Miscellaneous Tools 15’x20”x3’, 16” Roller Bed
17” Turn-Nado Lathe Serial# 68-GJ-1545 9’4”x42”x56”
Jib Crane w/ ½ Ton Hoiste Bolted to the Floor
Bridgebort Mill Serial# J-109863
600 Pound Hoist
Workbench 37”x24”x32”
Workbench & Contents 45”x24”x36”
27” Turn-Nado Lathe Built in Crane w/ 600 Pound Hoist, 26” Face Plate, 700 rpm, Serial#00095SWT
Bunn S Series
Corner Desk
2 Metal File Cabinets 36”x20”x50”
Corner Desk
Homemade Worktables
Jib Crane (No Hoist, Bolted to Floor)
Sioux High-Speed Driver Set
Grinders, Drills, & More
Workbench 106”x26”x37”
Air Tools & Air Tool Parts
Rolling Cart 35”x16”x29”
Rolling Cart 51”x31”x38”
Shelving 24’x18”x7’ Tall
Telescoping Ladder
Shop Vacuum
Stools & Chairs
Air Hose, Hardware Gauges, & More
Wire Brushes, Taps
Brooms & Shovel
Double Sided Material Roller 10’x39”x37”, 16” Roller Beds
Metal Table 24”x24”x28”
Indexable Inserts
Tools, Hardware, & More
Corner Workbench 66”x48”x37.5”
Tools, Hardware, & More
Worktable 40”x38”x36”
Grinder Wheels
Gauge Set
Valve Set Run Out Gauge Micrometer, & Another Gauge
Starrett Depth Gauges & Micrometers
Chucks, Bits, & Cutter
Homemade Workbench 74.5”x21.5”x36”
Homemade Workbench 27”x34”x26”
Pallets & Metal Crate
Loader Bucket 8’x41”x41”
Quarry Belt
I-Beams, Spikes, & Tie Plates 86”x14.5”x14”
½ Inch Steel Plate 16’x1.5”x11.5”
Ties, Track, etc.
Machine Stands
Scrap Metal Bin
Miscellaneous Metal
Forklift Rack
Scrap Metal
Five Pallets of Scrap
Approximately 95’ of Industrial Shelving
Approximately 47’ of Industrial Shelving
Industrial Shelving Parts
Aluminum Propane Tank
Pair of Tanks
2 Tanks
Hydraulic Parts & More
Pallet Jack
Outlet Boxes
Work Stands
Pipe, Angles & Metal Sheet
6’ Forks
Electrical Motors
Mesh Ring 50”x6.5”
Pipe, Angles, & Hinges
Aluminum Block
Electrical Panels & More
Truetrace Model# 1090 Hydraulic Tracing Valve
Scrap Metal
Push Pull Cables
Smelting Items
Electrical Breaker Switches, etc.
Aluminum Scrap
43” Forks
5’ Forks
Steel Plates & Motor Parts
(8) 4’ Sections of 10’ Ladder
Miscellaneous Metal
Hardware Bins
Aluminum Motor Parts
Steel Plate & Hoses 36”x24”x5”
Hydraulic Parts & More
Hydraulic Parts & More
Chuck & More
Machinery Parts
Sioux Valve Grinder for Parts or Restoration
Miscellaneous Metal
Hydraulic Parts
Electric Motors
Homemade Shaper/Bender
Truetrace Hydraulic Power Units
Generator Motor
Starters, Gears, & More
Kerosene Heaters & More
Aluminum & Steel Engine Parts
Motor From Charles Machine Works Serial# 27878 Model#J2010-39
EM Package A/C Generator Serial# 5176517383, 225/150 Volt
Ryobi BT300 Table Saw
Foundry, Crucibles, & More
Nuts & Washers
Electrical Parts
Steel Stand w/ 1 ½” Top Plate 30”x12”x26.5”
Homemade Jigs 10’ & 13’, 43” Tall
South Bend Lathe for Parts
Folding Ramps or Platforms
Furnace Box
Belt Sander for Parts or Restoration
Vintage Belt Drive Drill Press Barnes Drill Co. Rockford, IL
Vintage Belt Drive Drill Press Essley Machinery Co.
Diesel Generator Engine
Buffalo Forge Fan (Doesn’t Spin)
Parts Cleaner
Parts Cleaner
Machine Stand
Tank Box
Band Saw for Parts or Restoration
Fuel/Oil Tank w/ Pump
Fuel/Oil Tank w/ Pump
Fuel/Oil Tank w/ Pump
Partial Enerpac Set & More
Titon Multitran & 15W40 Motor Oil
Electric Motor, Hardness Tester, & More
Electric Cables & More
Electrical & Hydraulic Parts
Hydraulic Parts
Hydraulic Parts
Vintage Lathe Parts
Scrap Metal
Electrical Boxes
Walker Turner Disc & Belt Sander
Scrap Metal
Trailer Jack
Parts Cabinet
Gears, Bearings, & Scrap
Electrical Boxes
Aluminum & Other Metal
Lathe Parts
Scrap Metal
Scrap Metal
Electrical Scrap
Parts Cleaner Tank
Fan, Switch Boxes, & More
Machine Parts
Work Stand w/ Hydraulic Hookups
Jet 15” Planer
Aluminum Shelf Frames
4 Fourways
4 Fourways
8 Tanks
6 Tanks
3 Tanks
4 Tanks
Antique Tractor Seats
2 Cattle Panels
Loader Bucket
Armex Accustrip System
Flat, Angles, & I-Beam Iron
Concrete Blocks
Electrical Wire
4’ Forks
4’ Forks
42” Forks
Steel Fenders
Nuts & Bolts
Shelving Parts
Galvanized Copper Panels
Belts & Washers
Ratchet Straps
Steel Stand 76x25x36
Steel Mesh
Electrical Supply
Tri-Fold Frame & Table Base
Pipe & Pipe Rack

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