Surplus to the Ongoing Needs of GE TransporationPast

Name:Surplus to the Ongoing Needs of GE Transporation
Description:CNC Vertical Turret Lathes, CNC Gear Machinery, CNC Gantry Mill, Toolroom, Grinding Machinery, Heat Treat, Finishing Plus Much More!
Starts At:12/27/16 8:00 AM EST
Ends At:1/11/17 1:00 PM EST
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Inspection:1/10/17 9:00 AM EST – 1/10/17 3:00 PM EST
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Location:2901 East Lake Road
Erie, Pennsylvania 16531
United States

Summary of Items

CNC Gantry Type Vertical Machining Center: Johnford Mdl. DMC-2100SH “Super Vertical” (2004) • CNC Vertical Turret Lathes: Bullard 76”, Giddings & Lewis 84”, Bullard Dyn-Au-Tape 66”, (2) Bullard 56”, (2) Bullard Dynatrol 56”, Bullard Dynatrol 46”, Motch & Merryweather 235D-VNC Dual Spindle • CMM: DEA Mdl. SPA ALPHA 2033 15 / Image (2004) • CNC Gear Hobber: Gleason Pfauter Mdl. P2000 (2007) • CNC Finisher: Pfauter Kapp Mdl. PE1000G • CNC Gear Shapers: Fellows Bourn & Koch Mdl. 50B, Fellows Mdl. 50-8 • CNC Horizontal Boring Mill: Giddings & Lewis 6” Dual Pallet • Radial Drills: Carlton 10’ – 22”, American 6’-17”, (2) Carlton 8’-19”, Fosdick 3’-11”, American Hole Wizard 3’-11” • Lathes: Timemaster Mdl. S-3222 32” x 140”, American Pacemaker 34” • Grinders: Tool & Cutter Grinders: Grand Rapids No. 60, Cincinnati Milacron Mdl., Monoset MT, Oliver Tool Grinder; Surface Grinder: Harig Mdl. Super 618 6” x 18” Power Feed; Tap Grinders: (2) Hybco Mdl’s 1100 & 701; Drill Point Grinders: Black Diamond Mdl. BW75, Cincinnati No. 2, (2) Oliver of Adrian Mdl. 600 • CNC Chucker: (2) Warner & Swasey Mdl. 2SC • Shot Blast Unit: Vacublast Shot Blast with 60” Dia. Table • Ovens: Wisconsin Mdl. SWT-5066-E, Wisconsin Mdl. S2.5 4-Drawer, Wisconsin Mdl. SWN-44-2E Drawer Type, Grenrich 3-Drawer, Wisconsin Torq Tube Gas Fired, Plus Others • Freezers: (2) Russels 30” x 30” x 30”, So-Low Mdl. C40-12, (2) ESZ Cincinnati Mdl. CTS-64-3.5-SCT • Welding Positioners: (2) Sets Aronson Mdl. HS16 16,000 LBS Capacity • Welders: Miller CP-302, Miller XMT304, (2) Lincoln Idealarc TM650/650, Miller 1000 •Induction Heater Units: (2) Induction Heater Units 100-Amp • Parts Washing System: Proceco Mdl. 26-36-1000-R, Proceco Mdl. TMTL-SW-1, Wash Tank System, Proceco 2-Stage Parts Washer • Paint Booth: Protectair Systems Mdl. 1810ARC • Lift Platforms & Tables: 72” x 199” Lift Table, Southworth 72” x 120” Lift Table, ALM Mdl. MHL2P 10,000 LBS Capacity Lift (2008) • Cranes & Hoists: Large Quantity of Free Standing 360⁰ Rotary Jibs with Hoists, Jib Arms with Hoists, Overhead Cranes, Monorails Crane Systems, Plus More • Also Including: Torit Mdl. DFT3-6 6 – Bag Dust Collector, 500-Ton Dominion Upacting Hydraulic Press, Hillyer CNC VMC, Optical Comparators, Tanks Turning Rolls, Chillers, Plus Much More!

About the Auctioneer

Koster Industrieswe pride ourselves in developing personalized, professional business strategies built on honesty and intelligence, with special attention to detail and service. at koster you can rely on a unique combination of financial strength, diversified experience, and unparalleled professional expertise to provide guidance in evaluating and managing assets effectively for maximum return based on market conditions. over the years, we've designed a wide variety of individualized marketing plans to meet the special needs of industrial, financial and institutional clients. we're proud of the diversity of our approaches and the success of our efforts.
Auctioneer:Koster Industries
Address:40 Daniel Street
Farmingdale, New York 11735
United States
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