D.C. Morrison Co.
201 Johnson Street
Covington, Kentucky 41011
United States
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the d. c. morrison company originated as the sebastian lathe company in the early 1900's, building sebastian lathes. after w.w. ii sales dropped off and donald morrison started manufacturing a different type of product - a machine called a keyseater - a machine used to cut keyways much less expensively than the conventional broaching method. hence the beginning of the morrison keyseater with the first one being built in 1952.
in the 1960's, don morrison's health was failing and he was introduced to the now current owner, henry "bim" reder. mr. reder has since strengthened and improved the machine in many areas, and has made d.c. morrison an extremely successful family operation. henry reder's wife, bernice, is the secretary and his two sons, roger and greg run the office and the shop.

along with the morrison keyseater, they also manufacture the schauer speed lathes, burke milling machines and sell replacement parts for logan lathes, sebastian lathes, carroll-jamieson lathes and also make all sizes of acme screws, worm screws, and v threads. they also manufacture all of the replacement parts for parks planers and bandsaws.


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