800, Binkang Road, Zhijiang Hi-Tech
Hangzhou, Zhejiang
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we have been continuously dedicating to the development and application of electric heating technology, materials and production equipments. every year, we carry out technology communication and cooperation with international experts. after more than a decade’s constant research, innovation and improvement, now we have a whole series of production equipments of heating elements, including more than 50 types of machines such as tube mill, cleaning machine, high speed filling machine, automatic coiling machine, spot welding machine, reducing roll mill, straightening machine, automatic tube cutting machine, part annealing machine, tube bending machine, tube clamping machine, braze welding machine, gas shield annealing furnace, marking machine and expanded chamfering machine. depending on our quality foremost products and customer first service, we have won good reputation among our customers and got good sales record not only in china but also in america, japan, europe, korea, southeast asia and other areas.

  other major products: high resistance heating alloys, fe-cr-al series and ni-cr-(fe) series, including various types of wires, ribbons and strips; welded stainless steel tubes(φ4~φ20), with different materials such as 304、310、310s、316、316l、321、inco800、inco840 etc; explosion-proof heaters; industrial heating system.