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A&M Consulting is the product of two individuals with a common goal: To provide US fabricators with best in class, real world, easily adopted and implemented manufacturing systems that increase efficiency while reducing waste. Mr. Mercer and Mr. Sanders have a collective 80 years experience in the design, fabrication and delivery of custom industrial process equipment, durable goods, transportation, marine and piece part goods. Quite simply put we find delivering a quality service at an affordable price is better achieved by a small and experienced operation. This extremely personal attention will yield fruit early on. With hands-on experience on most all machine tools and major software platforms including CAD, CAM and ERP this duo can bring this vast knowledge to bear on your products and processes. We are versed in things as simple as proper air bending or as complicated as Automation / Application Integration. “We Get It”!

A&M Consulting has partnered with some of the worlds most reputable, efficient and high quality machine tool and software vendors. We can guide you in the proper selection of machine, tooling, and Engineering and Manufacturing systems. Our experiences can also assist in the daunting and often painful challenge of process improvement with an unbiased appraisal.

We at A&M Consulting offer the vision of a revitalized small business manufacturing sector here in the most technologically advanced and highly skilled workforce the world has known. We share the pride and satisfaction you desire.