Acme Saw Ltd.

Acme Saw Ltd.
Acme Saw Ltd.
2220 Hymus Blvd.
Montreal, Quebec H9P 1J7
Local Time There
Acme Saw Ltd.
2220 Hymus Blvd.
Montreal, Quebec H9P 1J7
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established in 1944, we have become canada's fastest growing sales and service organization specializing in sawing machines and sawing technology with over four thousand (4,000) customers throughout north america.

we sell a complete package deal !

because acme saw ltd. focuses on sawing, we can offer you most efficient combination of machine/blade/coolant and service ! visit our section of products and machinery to see our vast selection of machines, tools, etc...

service is everything !

acme's customers are serviced by our staff of highly qualified service-engineers based in our oakville, ontario, elk grove village, illinois and montreal, quebec facilities. our reputation for service and spare parts is excellent because we believe that service is extremely important to our customers.

the right machine

acme offers a wide range of sawing machines of all types. in bandsawing we sell the canadian-made hyd-mech bandsaws, very large capacity of high production friggi machines, as well as others. in cold sawing, we can offer an appropriate sawing machine for your production requirements from häberle, macc to simec cut off systems and mair multiple head machines.

the most for your money !

whether you cut solid steel, solids, tubing or profiles, non ferrous materials (aluminium, copper, etc.), horizontal or vertical, automatic or manual, acme saw ltd. can offer you the machine, the cutting tools and the coolant oils to ensure problem- free productivity. ask us about the lenox line of high technology band and hacksaw blades, we will be pleased to arrange for a guaranteed trial. order if you have deburring requirements, we have simec or brush-tech machine that will reduce labour costs drastically.

acme saw ltd people work for you !

our people are trained to find cost-effective solutions. most importantly, we care about selecting the right machine for the right job. we want to put our know-how to work for you ! contact us via internet !!!

  • Company Specialties
    • New Machinery Distributor / Importer / Agent
    • Tooling & Accessories - Distributor
  • Brands
  • Types
    • Abrasive & Friction Saws
    • Angle Bending Rolls
    • Assembly Machines
    • Bevelers
    • Circular Cold Saws
    • Cut To Length Lines
    • Deburring Machines
    • Dished & Flanged End Spinning Presses
    • High Speed Circular Saws (non-ferrous)
    • Horizontal Band Saws
    • Horizontal Dual Column Band Saws
    • Marking Machines
    • Notching Machines
    • Pipe, Tube & Bar Benders
    • Plate Bending Rolls including Pinch
    • Plate Saws
    • Rebar Benders
    • Tube, Pipe & Bar Cut-Offs
    • Vertical Band Saws
    • Wire Benders
    • Wire Forming (and Four Slides)
    • Wire Straighteners & Cut-Offs
    • Wire Winders
    • Woodworking Radial Arm Saws
    • Woodworking Sanders
    • Woodworking Saws
    • Woodworking Table Saws