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Company:Micron Machinery Co., Ltd.
Address:578-2 Uwano, Zao
Yamagata 990-23
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micron machinery, founded in 1961 in yamagata, japan, produces one product, centerless grinders. micron is the #1 producer of precision centerless in the world with over 5000 installed. over 30 different models are manufactured and micron specializes in difficult processes that require ultra close tolerances. fuel injectors and precision hydraulic components are just a few of the many fields of specialization.
in 1986, micron machinery expanded into the u.s. market and two years later formed a joint venture with prime technology inc. to develop the market for precision centerless. today, micron-u.s.a. enjoys a high reputation for quality and has an installed base of over 200 machines. micron-usa serves the u.s. market with local engineering, service and parts on a 24 hour basis, 7 days a week. micron-u.s.a. has demonstrated success in a variety of markets, exemplefied by it's unique success in the challenging fuel injection market place. this industry requires very complex processes and material handling, as well as tolerances down to 0.2 microns.

in order to meet the high level of performance, micron engineers the products in house; builds all of the equipment in house including material handling; assembles and demonstrates the processes under one roof.

the customer demands for ever tighter tolerances has encouraged micron to build a new facility to test grind; develop new processes and machinery; and assemble the most precision components in a completely environmentally controlled facility. customers today are looking for equipment to grind to size tolerance of 0.2 micron which means that all other tolerances would have to be in the area of 0.1 micron. this type of challenge can only be met in a facility that controls temperature, humidity, and environmental issues to laboratory conditions.

micron's mission is to continually improve roundness, straightness, and size on cylindrical parts to meet whatever requirements the customers have now and in the future. to do this micron believes that processes and equipment must change. no grinding paradigms can be allowed to influence the design of new equipment and micron is determined to push technology to a new plateau to meet the opportunities that exist today and beyond the year 2000.

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