SALVAGNINI P4-2112Panel Benders

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Salvagnini Model P4 2112.LIAV.LSAV.CLA CNC Panel Bender. 59.055"x94.29" Max Blank Width and Length, 94" Max Blank Diagonal, 85" Max Bend Length, 5" Max Bending Height OD with part Removal from Front, 5.551" to 64-Degrees Max Bending Length OD, 4.8" Max Panel Width Inside Dimension, 4.92" Min Panel Length Inside Dimension, .4" + Material Thickness Min Offset, 10.275" Min X Reference Spacing on Long Side, .0157" Min Material Thickness, .098" Max Steel Sheet Thickness for +/- 90-Degree Bend, .050" Max Stainless Sheet Thickness for +/- 135-Degree Bend, .125" Max Aluminum Sheet Thickness for +/- 90-Degree Bend, 1".4.29" Rotating Clamp Dimension, 3.7" Clamp Center to Bend Line Parallel, 4.72" Clamp Center to Bend Line Perpendicular, Up 0-Degree > 90-Degree Only Angle Range with CLA Bending, 24.5" Max Length of Centered CLA Bend, .075" Max Thickness for CLA Bend, 1.126" BLC Toe Length Away From Center, 1.75" BLX Toe Length Towards Center, LIAV/LSAV Bending Tools, s/n: 181.


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Bending Length
85 "
27' x 22'
30,000 lbs

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