TARUS PRODUCTS INC. PMTGantry Machining Centers (incld. Bridge & Double Column)

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TARUS PMT Fixed portal, moving table 5-AXIS MACHINING CENTER Excellent performance, reliability and durability - backed up by exceptional service support. TARUS has been a premier machine tool builder for the past 50 years. All machines made in the USA. MACHINE IS IN STOCK AND AVAILABLE. WARRANTY: 1 -year for all parts and labor except tooling and consumables such as filters and lubrication. Spindle warranty is included. All labor and travel expenses will be TARUS' responsibility during warranty period.


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18000 rpm
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CNC (Heidenhain)

Specifications of Machine
X Axis is 3048 mm
Y Axis is 2896 mm, space between columns is 2451 mm

Maximum Feedrate is 25 meters per minute
Maximum Acceleration Rate is 2 meters per second
Worktable is 1828 mm by 3048 mm

Construction Features
Machine structure is welded steel plate. Ribbed and Boxed Structures, fabricated and machined by TARUS in the USA
X, Y and Z Axes are Ballscrew driven (76.2 mm diameter, 10 mm pitch) with Liquid Cooled Torque Motors directly coupled to Ball-nuts
Linear Bearing Rails on All Axes

Kessler 2AK-G4 Fork Style Clamping Milling Head (optional)
Fork Style Milling Head, Torque Motor Direct Drive, Hydraulic Clamping, Cartridge Spindle
A Axis is +/- 105 degrees, C Axis is +/- 200 degrees
A Axis Positioning Force is 1200 Nm, C Axis is 1100 Nm
A Axis Clamping Force is 3000 Nm, C axis is 4000 Nm
Spindle: Kessler Cartridge, HSK63, 18,000 RPM, 70kW, 110 Nm (peak torque 0-6000 rpm)
Coolant and Air through Spindle

CNC System
TARUS will equip this machine with the Heidenhain TNC 640 CNC and all options needed for this particular machine and the process.
Heidenhain Servo Drives and Absolute Position Scales
Heidenhain Wireless Measuring Probe for Spindle
Heidenhain Wireless Tool Length Measurement Probe
Full integration of CNC and Machine including PLC Programming

Automatic Tool Changer
49 Pockets
HSK a63
Max Length of Tool: 400 mm
Max Diameter of Tool: 180 mm
Max Weight of Tool: 12 kg
Magazine fixed side column, exchanger arm travels on manipulator slide which passed through automatic door.
Magazine and Manipulator are driven by Servo Motor, Exchanger Arm Rotation and tool Pull / Insert by Pneumatic

Coolant System and Conveyors, Full Enclosure
Flood coolant pumps, recovery and filtration system
Conveyors on Each side of Worktable mounted in pans to collect coolant
Full Enclosure including retractable roof for loading.
Mist Blaster brand Mist Extractor with downdraft ventilation integrated into the side columns. Coolant is drained back to flood coolant system prior to filtration.

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