CREST OC4-1218-HEUltrasonic Cleaning Systems


Crest Ultrasonic OC4-1218-HE, 2000, 12x18x10", 4-stn, 3-Heated/rotating tanks


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Specifications from OEM brochure and equipped with are described to the best

of our knowledge. ALL items should be confirmed by buyer.

Equipped With:
(3) Heated Ultrasonic Baths
Hot Air Dryer
Rotating Basket Option (removed to utilize std baskets)
5-rotating cages
Staging station & off-load station

General Specifications:
Rotating Parts Carrier I/S Dims: 5-3/8" x 5-3/8" x 12"
Ultrasonic Tank Dimensions: 12" x 18" x 10"
Air Dryer Tank Dimensions: 12" x 18" x 10"
Electrical: 480V, 3 Ph, 50/60 Hz, 31 A

*System can also be used as a standard unit without rotating cages

Notes from OEM Brochure:
Crest Manual Optimum Console
Manually adjustable digital temperature and timing controls - Allows

operator to set each independently, per wash, rinse, and dry station.
Smallest possible footprint - Saves space by maximizing compact design,

with easy replacement of vapor degreasers.
316L stainless steel tanks - For maximum wear resistance and lifespan.
Standard wire baskets - Available to fit inside each of our standard-size

GenesisTM generators - Patented, constant power provides TRU-SWEEPTM sweep

frequency cleaning action. Available in 25, 40, 58, 132, and 192 kHz

frequencies, each designed for specific cleaning applications
Heated ultrasonic wash station(s) - Provides high-intensity heated

ultrasonic cleaning with filtered recirculation with overflow weir to remove

oil and particulate contaminants, which automatically maintains a cleaner

Heated ultrasonic rinse station(s) - Provides two-stage, reverse flow

cascade rinse with spray-over immersion, which conserves space and water

usage, while maximizing rinses for spot-free drying.
High-efficiency recirculating hot air dryer(s) - With unique updraft air

flow design to dry parts quickly with compressed air blow-off to allow speed

and efficiency. (Much better drying solution than traditional ultrasonic cross-

flow or convection drying.)
Sliding dryer cover - Promotes fast drying and protects against injury from

flying particles.
HEPA-type filters - Removes microscopic particles during drying cycle.
Electrical control box - Conveniently located for easy access.
Single point utility connection - Fully plumbed and valved to single point

for quick and easy installation.

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