FICEP 1001 DFBBeam / Drill Lines


44” X 44” X 40’ Capacity Beam/Angle/Flats/Tube Drilling, Marking and Miter Sawing System with FICEP Minosse CNC Control System, with 40’ Powered Infeed/Outfeed Roller Conveyor Shuttling/Measurement System, 20 HP 2500 RPM Rotating Programmable Angle Drilling Head (+90°, 0°,  -90°), Automatic Laser Measuring System, Automatic Web Probing System & Integrated Programmable Miter Saw.


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20 hp
2,500 RPM

Year of Manufacture: 2010
Maximum drilling thickness: 4”
Maximum length (can be expanded with options): 40 ft.
Minimum length to be transferred: 98”
Minimum length to be transferred in working zone
(with saw rotation +45°/-60°)
Loading Side A: 106”*
Loading Side B: 126”*
Minimum length to be transferred in working zone
(with saw rotation +60°/-60°)
Loading Side A: 126”*
Loading Side B: 145”*
*with auxiliary transfer device, it is possible to work lower minimum lengths.

Drilling Capacities

Drill Heads: 1
Spindles Per Drill Head: 1
Maximum Hole Diameter: 1-9/16” (2”)
Spindle Motor Drive: 20 HP AC Drive
Spindle Speeds: Infinitely variable
RPM Range: 180 - 2500 RPM

Sawing Capacities

Band Sawing Unit: Model SCS 100
Capacity Range at 90°: 3-1/8” x 3/8”  Min to 40” x 17-3/4” Max
Max Capacity at 60°: 13-3/4” x 13-3/4”
Max Capacity at 45°: 24-3/8” x 17-3/4”
Blade Size (width x kerf): 1.61” x 0.051” x 310.24”
Band Saw Drive Motor: 7.5 HP
Blade Speeds: 65 – 328 FPM (Programmable)

Section Capacities

I-Beams: Beam depth Minimum 3-1/8”
Maximum: 40” (saw)
Maximum: 44” (drill)*
Flange Height Minimum: 1-5/8”
Maximum: 17-3/4”

Channels (with flanges oriented downward)

Channel depth: Minimum 3-1/8”
Maximum: 40” (saw)
Maximum: 44” (drill)*
Flange height: Min 1-3/4” - Max 11-3/4”


Leg height (equal/unequal legs): Min 3-1/8” x 3-1/8” x 3/8”
Max 10” x 10” x 1-9/16”


Width Minimum: Min 4” - Max 40” (saw) / Max 44” (drill)

Square Tubes

Sizes: Min 3-1/8” x 3-1/8” - Max 17-3/4” x 17-3/4”

Rectangular Tubes

Sizes: Min 3-1/8” x 1-9/16” - Max 40” x 17-3/4” (saw)/ 44” x 17-3/4” (drill)

Other Material Specifications

Maximum section weight as standard: 11,900 lbs.
Maximum linear weight of section: 300 lbs/ft
Maximum carriage speed: 164 FPM
Passline: 33-1/2”

INFEED CONVEYORPowered conveyors are used to support the section, suitably spaced to allow the eventual inclusion of transfer tables.
►Centerline of Conveyor Rolls 28-7/16”►Roller Diameter 4”►Roller Shaft Diameter 1-3/16”►Roller Width 44”►Bearing Style Flange Mount►Powered Conveyor Chain #50►A.C. Drive Motor, 2 Traverse Speeds 49/98 Fpm►Capacity 300 Lbs/ft.►Installation Height Adjustment Included
* Note: The Elevation Adjustment of Conveyor Assembly Facilitates Floor Elevation Changes Of Not More Than ± 1”.


Type: Monospindle Rotating Drill Head
Rotation Type: Automatic rotation device.
Programmable Angles: 3
Angles of Rotation: -90/0/+90
Surfaces: Top Flange, Bottom Flange and Web
Rotation Speed @ 180°: 0.7 Seconds
Spindle HP: 20
Positioning Method: Servo Driven Ballscrew
Maximum Drill Capacity: 1-9/16” (2”)
Flange gauge line: 3/8” – 20”
Web gauge line: 3/4” – 47-1/2”
Drill Drive System: Servo Driven Ballscrew

Equipped with:

Spindle probing
Layout marking capability
Thru Spindle and Flood Coolant System


Tool Holder Types: HSK-A80
Number of Tools Available: 6

Hydraulic Double-Jaw Vise Assembly
Automatic hydraulic double jaw vise assembly ensures positive clamping of the workpiece during the drilling operation, both horizontally and vertically. Clamping jaws can operate independently (fixed reference for the web on the beam flange). The clamping pressure of the roller clamping jaws automatically adjusts during the material positioning and drilling cycle. No special programming is required.
The non-datum clamp is provided with an encoder so the vertical drill head positioning can be centered around the actual section depth. This feature also permits the web holes to be referenced from either flange.

Laser Measuring System
The 1001 DFB-LASER is supplied with an internally mounted laser measuring system that accurately monitors the section movement in conjunction with the programmed lineal position. The system is not affected by mill scale and any slippage that is associated with mechanical measuring disc systems.

Automatic Web Probing (Top Side)
Device for the automatic zero reference setting of the drill spindle gauge line when the head is horizontally positioned to the web axis. The device consists of one button (probe sensing unit) that locates the position of the web top side and the flange height.

Scribing Software & Floating Head Tool Assembly
Device for automatic scribing operations through drilling unit. This device is supplied with a special tool and a self-adapting system which is automatically adjusted according to the material deformation. The necessary software/hardware for scribing on both flanges and top web surfaces is provided.


Model: SCS 100
Capacity: 40” Capacity
Design Type: CNC Double Column
Drive Type: Gearbox

System for structural section clamping. Base for saw mitering at +45°/-60° complete with angle positioning system programmable via the CNC. Spray mist blade lubrication/cooling system. Removable chip bin.
Conveyors with Liftable Rollers
Conveyors with liftable rollers which lift the material above the saw bed as sections are positioned into and out of the saw. These rollers are positioned in the infeed and outfeed conveyor sections next to the saw and are lifted automatically.

Unloading Device with Magnet for Short Pieces
This special magnetic device, with controlled axis, is for the automatic unloading of short parts and trim-cut pieces. This system can be used with I beams having the following specifications:

►Minimum width 3-1/8”
►Maximum piece weight to be transferred 330 lbs.

Pieces or trim-cut pieces with a length between 1-9/16” and 47-1/4” the piece or scrap is transferred onto a shutter unloading device for short pieces and then onto the first area of the outfeed conveyor.

Vertical Hold-Downs
Two (2) vertical hold-downs for clamping of the section, one on each side of the blade.


Centerline of Conveyor Rolls: 28-7/16”
Roller Diameter: 4”
Roller Shaft Diameter: 1-3/16”
Roller Width: 44”
Bearing Style: Flange mount
Powered Conveyor Chain: #50
Drive Type: A.C. Drive Motor
Speeds: 2 Traverse Speeds 49/98 FPM
Capacity: 300 lbs/ft.
Height adjustment

Short Pieces Unloading Device
Shutter device at the exit of the saw for the automatic unloading (operator side) of short pieces or scraps having a minimum length of 1-9/16” and maximum length of 47-1/4”.

The system includes a Hydraulic Power Unit to generate the high pressure and low pressure for the working units and auxiliary circuitries.

Hoses and connections.
Circuitry for cooling with an air/oil heat exchanger.
Working Pressure 725 PSI

Power Requirements: 460 V – 60 HZ – 3 Phases. CE Compliant

CNC CONTROLLER - FICEP Minosse CNC Control System
The CNC is positioned on a pedestal in a mobile control panel so that the operator has a complete view of the machine.

The CNC is equipped with:

Touch Screen Color Video TFT 12.1”
Keyboard panel and auxiliary pushbutton panel
10/100 RJ45 Ethernet port
USB modem
1 additional USB port
WINDOWS embedded operating system
Simplified data input (with tables and workpiece on-screen graphics)
Base line and hole to hole dimensioning
Diameter input
Simplified data input for symmetrical hole patterns
Nesting of different workpieces into the same stock length, with on-screen graphics
Tool position tracking
Automatic system offset
Quantity tracking
Automatic cycle stop for setup, modification and on-screen indication

INCLUDES: FICEP Minosse CNC Control System, with 40’ Powered Infeed/Outfeed Roller Conveyor Shuttling/Measurement System, 20 HP 2500 RPM Rotating Programmable Angle Drilling Head (+90°, 0°,  -90°), Automatic Laser Measuring System, Automatic Web Probing System & Integrated Programmable Miter Saw

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