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SHIMADA CNC MULTI SPINDLE (6) LATHE with 3 CNC slides (X1-Z1 + X2-Z2 + X3-Z3), 16mm capacity The number of max CNC slides is 3 ( X1 / Z1 , X2 / Z2 , X3 / Z3 ). 0 CNC slide 1 CNC slide 2 axes Fanuc control (X1 / Z1) 2 CNC slides 4 axes Fanuc control (X1 / Z1 , X2 / Z2) 3 CNC slides 6 axes Fanuc control (X1 / Z1 , X2 / Z2 , X3 / Z3) * Select the model to best meet your machining requirement. Easier (tooling) set up due to camless drive mechanism a) The CNC operation completely eliminates the need for expensive, time-consuming designing and verification of cams. b) Presetting may be done outside the machine by using Quick Change Tool Holder. c) CNC control is optionally available for the Main End Tool Slide, Cross-Slide, and Back Spindle for even easier and more accurate feed control. Bar Feeder a) An automatic Bar Loading System comes standard with each bar feeder. b) Bar remnant are automatically ejected at the rear end of the bar. * Bar feeders are to be chosen from Pietro Cucchi or IEMCA brands. High Accuracy As with any CNC, the dimensional requirements are easily maintained with use of the tool offsets. High Rigidity The main end tool slide is guided along chevron-type (V-shaped) slideways which are supported by three-point. Rigid box construction with hardened and hand scraped box slide way. The most wide tooling zone and chip floor in multi-spindle industry
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Spindle Hole Dia0.63"
# Spindles6 spdl
Weight10,600 lbs

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After designing and producing Asia’s first 6 spindle Automatic, Shimada has become Japan’s leading manufacturer of cam-less CNC 6 & 8 Spindle Automatics and 2-Spindle Indexers. The Automatics can be configured with up to two CNC slides, bar-loaders capable of feeding up to 32mm stock, and numerous optional and customized features which can further reduce the cycle times of so many of today’s large quantity runs. By combining the accuracy of CNC and the ease of the cam-less operation, part set-up can usually be accomplished in less than three hours. The 2-Spindle Indexer offers the “load while machining” capability on a CNC lathe with 10” chucks, a geared headstock, and a robust, milling optional, twelve station turret.

Spec Sheet

Specifications Function Item Model B6-16 B6-27 B6-32 Spindle Number 6 Bearing I.D. φ55(φ2.2") φ70(φ2.8") Max.Spindle Speed 5000r.p.m. 3000r.p.m. Bar Capacity Max. Bar Diameter φ4-φ16 φ10-φ27 φ14-φ32 (φ0.16-φ0.63") (φ0.4-φ1.06") (φ0.55-φ1.26") Max.Feed Length 120mm(4.7") Max.Bar Length 3.3M(130") Optional:4.3M(170") End Tool Slide Drive System Camless Hydraulic(NC Servo) Tool Diameter φ55(φ2.2") Stroke 250mm(9.84") Back Spindle (Optional) Drive System NC Servo Max. Stroke 150mm(5.9") Max.Collet Chuck Dia. φ16(φ0.63") φ25(φ1") φ32(1.25") Machine Weight (10600lbs) (11500lbs) (12400lbs) (w/o bar feeder) With 2 NC Slide Slide Function Item Without NC 1 NC Slide 2 NC Slide 3 NC Slide Cross Slide Drive System Camless Hydraulic Stroke Pos.1 25mm(1") for Cut-off Pos.2 40mm(1.6") Pos.3 40mm (1.6") Pos.4 25mm(1") Pos.5 25mm(1") Pos.6 25mm(1") NC Slide (control:FANUC) Pos.4 X-Axis Stroke 120mm(4.7") Z-Axis Stroke 120mm(4.7") Pos.5 X-Axis Stroke 70mm(2.75") Z-Axis Stroke 60mm(2.36") Pos.6 X-Axis Stroke 50mm(1.96") Z-Axis Stroke 50mm (1.96")
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