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100 TON ABESEIKI HYDRAULIC DOWN ACTING SPOTTING PRESS,MODEL CDS-2000TS, 51" STROKE, 51" LR X 39.5" F3 photosVideoYear: 1983Show me who the seller is...
United States
preliminary specifications: downacting gibb guided 4 post spotting press 100 tons capacity 51"  stroke of slide  (1300mm) 51"lr x 39-1/2" fb t slotted rolling bolster and flip out ram 51" da...
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100 TON DAKE,DOWNACTING HYDRAULIC PRESS, 21"STR, 48"OH, 27"SH, 96"X32"BA, 62FB"X39LR" UPPER, SHUTTLE7 photosVideoShow me who the seller is...
United States
preliminary specifications 100 ton capacity 21" stroke 48" open height 27" shut height 96"lr x 32"fb lower platen (shuttle table) 62"lr x 39"fb upper platen 37" floor to lower platen eq...
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100 Ton Milluntensil MIL162, 39.3" Stroke, 55" DL, 51"x63" Platen, Swing Dn Platen, Rolling Bolster,9 photosYear: 1995Show me who the seller is...
Michigan, United States
100 ton milluntensil mil162, 39.3" stroke, 55" dl, 51"x63" platen, swing dn platen, rolling bolster, plc, balancing sensor, 1995
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270 ton Williams & White Hydraulic Press2 photosYear: 1988Show me who the seller is...
Michigan, United States
specifications: capacity 270 ton stripping 22 tons lifting @ fast open speed (net) 10 ton...
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Aproximatelly 600 hours1 photoCondition: ExcellentYear: 2005Show me who the seller is...
Ohio, United States
this press is in excellent condition with minimal hours of use. ideal for tool shops.
150.0 T47.0 in
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BECKWOOD 10020749 photosYear: 1996Show me who the seller is...
Wisconsin, United States
beckwood high speed option press/tryout press model: 1002074 ton: 100 bed: 1 1/2 x 30 x 72 bed : 20 x 74 stroke: 8" year: 1996 460v/3ph/60cy adjustable shut height (8 1/4-13 7/8) adjustable open height (16 1/4" - 21 7/8") speeds: 75 ipm approach 10 ipm press 9...
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Reis 200 Ton Spotting Press, Swing-Down Platen, Rolling Bolster, 60" Stroke, 60"x72" Bed, 1980's10 photosVideoYear: 1985Show me who the seller is...
Michigan, United States
200 ton reis spotting press, swing-down platen, rolling bolster, 70.8" stroke, 82" dl, 60"x72" bed, 1980's
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