• Product Overview

    The Emma 2500 is the big sister in the 3nine BLUE LINE Series and was designed specifically for applications where a high air flow is essential, such as very large cabin or open machine tool.

    The Emma oil mist separator develops 1500 CFM (2500m³/h) and works on enclosed cabins up to 710CF. Multiple Emma’s can be used to create a solution for flow rates needed above 1500 CFM (3000 m³/h).

    Like the other BLUE LINE products, the Emma 2500 employs disc stack centrifugal technology, so its maintenance requirements are minimal and efficiency is high and consistant.

    Model Brochure (350 KB)

  • About Company
    3nine USA, Inc.

    3nine specializes in eliminating Oil and or Coolant mist produced by CNC machines in the metal working industry. 3nine's unique Disc Stack technology separates and does not collect the fluid in the mist like traditional filtered technologies. 100% of the separated fluid is recycled back to the CNC machine for reuse and because the units clean themselves 6 times an hour, there's minimal maintenance required annually. For more than one hundred years, conical discs have been used for centrifugal separation of liquids. 3nine has several leading researchers in centrifugal separation, which has lead to over 100 patents on separation solutions and a leadership position world wide.

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