• Specs
    35 (KGS)
  • Product Overview

    The Nova 300 is suited for all applications involving processes using oil, coolants or other lubricants. The Nova works on all machine tools with a cabin volume up to 70CF (2m³) and has a flow rate capacity of 176 CFM (300 m³/h) .

    The GREEN LINE Series combines disc stack technology with counter flow technology and is suitable for applications with high degrees of solid particles combined with large quantities of oil mist. The Nova is compatible with tough applications such as grinding and machining of cast iron, as well as simple applications such as turning and milling.

    Equipped with a LED RGB-strip you will always have full control of its performance and full knowledge of its mechanical status. It reports on the HEPA filter status, the condition of the drive belt, rotor and motor.

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  • About Company
    3nine USA, Inc.

    3nine specializes in eliminating Oil and or Coolant mist produced by CNC machines in the metal working industry. 3nine's unique Disc Stack technology separates and does not collect the fluid in the mist like traditional filtered technologies. 100% of the separated fluid is recycled back to the CNC machine for reuse and because the units clean themselves 6 times an hour, there's minimal maintenance required annually. For more than one hundred years, conical discs have been used for centrifugal separation of liquids. 3nine has several leading researchers in centrifugal separation, which has lead to over 100 patents on separation solutions and a leadership position world wide.

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