A&V PRO 6200/125

PRO 6200/125
  • Specs
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    Pump Output
    60,000 PSI
    125 hp
    77.75"L x 48"W x
    5000 (LBS)
  • Product Overview

    ● Ultra-high pressure
    ● Ultra-high cutting efficiency
    ● Ultra-high productivity
    ● Ultra-low working cost
    ● Convenient and fast maintenance

  • About Company
    A&V Waterjet Tech Inc

    A&V Waterjet Tech Inc., US HQ located at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a leading high tech manufacturer of CNC high-pressure abrasive waterjet cutting machines. A&V Waterjet Tech. Inc has invested heavily on research and development, our top notch CNC waterjet machines are one of the best in Waterjet machines. Our cost accounting practices enable us to be one of the most competitive waterjet CNC machine manufacturer. Our clients include many major US corporations, European companies and Asian clients

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