• Specs
    325 (LBS)
  • About Company
    Yuson Abrasive Finishing Tools & Polishing Machines Co., Ltd.

    Established in 1993, located in abrasives center of China, Yuson Abrasive Finishing Tools & Polishing Machines Co., Ltd. manufactures Ceramic Media, Plastic Media, Porcelain Media, Alumina Ball, Steel Media, Walnut Shell, Compound, Vibrating Finishing Machines, Centrifugal Finishing Machines, Centrifugal Disk Finishing Machines, Barrel Finishing Machines, Dryers, Separators in a wide variety of compositions, sizes and shapes under CE standard. As featuring in high technology and qualified technicians, advanced facilities and equipments, precise testing instruments, all our new-developed products enable you to get the maximum finishing results. For finishing, the selection of correct friction abrasion machine, grinding media and compounds are of the utmost importance. Numerous parameters can influence results. Our experts would also supply consultations for each project in soonest and share your products abrasive-medialy.

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