• Specs
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  • Product Overview

    Foot print
    The world’s smallest footprint
    Footprint reduced 40% compared with Accretech’s existing machines
    High Throughput
    Twin-spindle design
    Substantially higher through-put resulting in lower CoO
    High Accuracy
    Cutting quality is improved with the new design due to high rigidity and low vibration.
    User Friendly
    New GUI (Graphical User Interface)
    17 inch LCD Touch Screen

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  • About Company
    Accretech - Tokyo Seimitsu Co., Ltd

    Tokyo Seimitsu is, with us along with the wide range of people to both the "aspirations", to fuse technology with is each other, wisdom, information, let us create the world's No.1 products, and I decided. As a sign of this commitment, we introduced a ACCRETECH as a new corporate brand. This is a coined word that coalesce pronounced Accretech, "Accrete" and "Technology". The former refers to the "coexistence", it means the latter is the "technology". Companies, the State, beyond the boundaries of the region, to bring together the world's best technology to challenge the various challenges, and grow. This is what, is a new business form of increasing development in the 21st century, and we are confident.

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