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SINO KA300/600 / SDS6 DRO
  • Specs
    Length 70mm-1020mm (KA300)/ 1000mm-3000mm (KA600)
  • Product Overview

    KA-300 is the most commonly used standard ruler (TTL electric level).For the KA Series of linear encoder from our company, every ruler has passed through the strict quality measure technology dynamic laser control is used to ensure that the precision of every ruler has met the required standard before being delivered from the factory.

    KA600 is design for large size machine tool applications. Its big section size improves rigidity of scale. Its effective measuring length is 1000-3000 mm.

    The scales comply with EU directive 2006/95/EC, 2004/108/EC.

    The scales are recommended to use together with SINO DRO SDS6 series for better performance.

    SINO LINEAR SCALE AND DRO is famous brand from China.


    Model Brochure (251 KB)

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    We are one of leading machine tool companies from China and represent dozens of pre-qualified leading machine tool builders and tooling manufacturers that have good reputation and produce high quality products. We have built solid connections with these manufacturers, so our clients can avail themselves of these connections to share the benefit of low cost and high quality of Chinese manufacturing. In 1997 we visited Buenos Aires, Argentina and met our client there. We worked together to sell machine tools since then, and the cooperation has been lasting without stop. We commit to long term support and partnership, and we highly value and enjoy the long term relationship. Now Dalian ZT Machinery serves worldwide clients from Argentina to Mexico, UK, Turkey, Qatar, Vietnam, and so on. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction and 100% of the time. All machines recommended are of good reputation already proven in the market. All machines ready for shipping are double checked by our Pre-Delivery Inspection Program to assure the quality. Our customer service is in a timely manner no matter how far your location from us. We sell various machine tools, metal cutting and metal forming, universal type and dedicated type, and plastic molding machines. We also design, develop and supply dedicated tooling and components for related machines. Sincerely we hope to use our good faith to earn your trust and expect to become your single source for high quality machine tools and tooling. You are warmly welcome to contact us, thus to start a long term relationship at an early date.

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