CNC (Siemens 828D)
  • Specs
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    Grinding Wheel Dia.
    12.01 "
    Grinding Wheel Width
    0.9843 "
    CNC (Siemens 828D)
    4100X2800X3000 mm
    12000 kg
  • Product Overview

    This machine was supplied to THK plant in Japan a few times over ten units. It has good accuracy and reliable performance. The price is also competitive.

     SWM1510 is a full function CNC thread grinder. It can realize all of motions automatically for thread grinding, including feeding, grinding, tool return, wheel dressing, and swivel of wheel spindle. Typical workpiece include ballscrew, leadscrew, worm, thread guage, thru-feed drum for taper roller centerless grinding and superfinishing.
     Siemens 828D CNC system is used with NC control of X/Z/A/C axis.
     Wheel dressing is fulfilled automatically. Diamond roller spindle is installed on work headstock and controlled by CNC system on dressing wheel speed and X/Z axis motion. Wheel dressing can be done either with profile diamond roller, or with plate diamond roller by interpolation of X axis and Z axis motion. The wheel dress amount is automatically compensated in NC system.
     SWM1510 can make thread of any lead length, and multiple threads.
     SWM1510 adopts motorized spindle for work spindle and wheel spindle, with forced cooling from oil chiller.
     SWM1510 is equipped with full enclosure cover and mist collection unit, to assure air quality in the workshop.
     X/Z axes motions are realized by ball screw and driven by servo motor, with HEIDENHAIN linear scale for position feedback. C axis motion of work spindle is equipped with HEIDENHAIN circular scale for position feedback.
     SWM1510 machine wheelstock is stationary fixed while work table moving during machining.
     SWM1510 has a swivel table on X-axis slide, the revolving axis of which is parallel to X-axis, and at equal height of work spindle. Servo motor and ballscrew is used for table swivel.
     The swivel axis is A-axis. The swivel table is locked by hydraulic.
     Diamond roller spindle is equipped with motorized spindle.
     Coolant and chips are treated with paper filtration unit with magnetic separation unit.
     Air-conditioner is equipped for electrical cabinet temperature control.
     Machine bed is made of nature granite.
     CNC system: SIEMENS 828D
     THK roller linear guide ways and THK ballscrews are used.
     German made HEIDENHAIN sealed scales are used.
     Manual steady rest (φ10~φ100) is optional (extra charged).

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