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    Tube ends grooving - clockwise/anticlockwise clamp rotation - Ømin. 30 ÷ Ømax. 245 mm

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    Aceti Macchine designs and manufactures machinery for metal processing and finishing. Experience and knowledge developed over decades with the sale of thousands of machines positions the company as a leader in its sector both in Europe and around the world. Since 1979 over 100 models have been produced, including belt grinding machines for satin finishing, pipe notcher, deburring machines for metal sheets and tubes, bevelling machines, belt and disc grinding machines, polishing and buffing machines, grinding machines, drill sharpening machines, end mill sharpening machines, tool sharpening machines and dust extractors. Our products are used in numerous different industries: mechanical engineering, carpentry, steelworks, shipbuilding, railways, manufacture, vehicles, furniture, metal polishing and many more.

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